White Noise vs Pink Noise vs Brown Noise- All You Need to know

White Noise vs Pink Noise vs Brown Noise

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Do you know there are different noise colors that put a lot of significance in our sleep?

“Yes, I know!”

Or, “I don’t know that much really.”

Whatever your answer is, today we are coming to make a sharp guide on the difference of white noise vs pink noise vs brown noise. 

In fact, the perfect sleep noise helps us to fall asleep easier and better. If you know the differences between the noises and know how to choose a noise machine, then falling asleep will be smoother for you.

Some of us may suffer to sleep quite or maybe insomniac. If this happens, sleeping aids or remedies would be a great way to overcome it. One of the nicest sleep aids can be a white noise machine, or even a white noise app, a white noise fan, or any other machine. 

At the same time, there are two other noises (i.e. pink noise and brown noise). Both of them are also very beneficial for better sleep. 

Without any more discussion or overthinking, let us know in depth.

Another thing, before we know in depth, we may have a glance at the comparison box below. Here you will see an overall specification on the difference on the three noises. 

Colors of Noise  Keynote  Advantages  Drawbacks  Availability 
Pink Noise Power spectral density (power per frequency interval) is inversely proportional to the frequency of the signal.
  • Pink noise has more soothing impacts on our ear.
  • Helps us to enjoy deeper and smoother sleep. 
  • Pink noise is not good for babies
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White Noise Random signal including  equal intensity at different frequencies, coming with a constant power spectral density.
  • comes with fair and more natural sound waves.
  • Highly beneficial for babies
  • Some manufacturers that make white noise machines with a high spectrum of sound levels.
  • It might be too natural to fall asleep for some people.   
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Brown Noise Comes with the highest energy at lower frequencies.
  • Helps us to feel relaxed and fall asleep easily
  • Hasn’t been conducted enough research yet.     
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White Noise vs Pink Noise vs Brown Noise

1. Pink Noise

White Noise vs Pink Noise vs Brown Noise

There are different colors of noises that we define by considering the sound level of the noises. In addition to the frequency range, the sound speed also determines the color.

In fact, pink noise includes all the audible frequencies by our ear. But, in this type of noise, the power of the frequencies is not dispersed uniformly. Whereas, the white noise has uniformly distributed energy of frequencies. 

That is to say, the pink noise is stronger in low frequencies. That means, it is deeper at lower levels of frequencies.

One of the major differences between pink noise and white noise is energy depth. The pink noise is comparatively more powerful and it contains all-natural sounds.

Accordingly, one can listen to the pink noise in all-natural happenings. For instance, crinkling leaves, wind flow, rain, or even heartbeats contain pink noise. Indeed, your ear can easily define if it is pink noise or white noise. However, at times you may not be able to distinguish between them. Remember, the pink noise has a flatter and straightforward sound.

Advantages of Pink Noise

At present, some people are taking pink noise as an alternative to the white noise. As the white noise sounds more natural, it might not be sufficient for a few people to sleep soundly. 

The pink noise has more soothing impacts on our ear. This is why one can take the pink noise as a good sleep aid. In addition, research implies that the pink noise offers better mental ability and memory for us.

What is the most beneficial thing about pink noise?

Research conducted in 2012 says that Pink noise lets you sleep by slowing down and decreasing your brain waves. When our brain waves get slowed down, then it eventually runs our mind to deeper and smoother sleep. 

Another research by the year of 2017 found out that there is a vital connection between deep sleep and pink noise. And most importantly, deep sleep helps our muscles and bones to be restored. This is the most effective and remedial sleep condition for us. 

Plus, pink noise works for restoring our memory. That is to say, when you are lagging behind with short term memory problems, then pink noise will help you to overcome. 

Disadvantages of Pink Noise

Before we talk about the potential drawbacks of pink noise, you should know that there are a few resources to know about the pink noise. Pink noise is not good for babies. Because babies need a neutral sound like white noise to sleep sound.

Here, you will get some Pink noise apps and machines available on Amazon. Check out the remediation options.     

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2. White Noise

White Noise

There is not a big difference between white noise and pink noise. White noise includes all audible frequencies by our ears as well as all the frequencies are dispersed uniformly. In this way,  you can listen to a constant sound. As all frequency distribution is equal, it makes one constant restorative sound for falling asleep, particularly for babies.

The white noise machine contains white noise. It produces a smooth sound helping you to sleep soundly. White noise includes the sound of thunderstorms, fireplace, and so on.

The major sources of white noise are the noise coming from different home equipment. Namely, radio, radiators, AC units, fans, vacuum cleaners, and etc. 

Why white noise has become very popular as a sleep aid. Having equal sound frequency range, the white noise refines all the harsh sounds. For example, it protects your ear from car noises as well as traffic jams, noisy neighbors. Physicians and sleep experts suggest white noise as a great way to deal with insomnia.

Interestingly, there are different types of white noise machines. If you want a machine, particularly for babies or adults, you can use one as per your requirement. A research was conducted in 1990, where it was found that white noise is extremely useful for babies to sleep. And the most interesting thing is that 80% of the tested kids slept within only 5 minutes just by listening to the white noise. (Tested 40 infants )

Still, the white noise is not only useful for babies. It is beneficial for adults as well.

Advantages of White Noise

Typically, white noise comes with fair sound waves. It helps a person to get sleepy and get a relaxing way. In this way, one can enter into the deep sleep stage without hearing any external noises. 

More interestingly, white noise has some advantages beyond just sleeping. Research says that when the white noise machines are used in the office surroundings, it improves productivity as well as the proficiency to focus more.

As we know, offices can be very loud. If you use white noise machines in your office, it will protect all noisy sounds to come into your ear. In this way, you can concentrate on your work easily .

Another benefit of white noise is, it is a handy tool to use during traveling. As we can see, the streets and flyings are often very noisy and loud. At that time, you may want to hear music, but it may not always be possible. Then you can use a white noise machine or any white noise apps. 

As said earlier, white noise is highly beneficial for babies. The study in 1990 found that white noise is very beneficial for babies to fall asleep. And 80% of the tested kids fell asleep within only 5 minutes just by listening to the white noise.

Again there are some white noise machines that offer a heartbeat functionality. That means it acts like the mom’s heartbeat. As the infants think that they are close to their mom. And it helps a kid to sleep alone comfortably.

Some Disadvantages of White Noise

There are a few disadvantages to white noise as well. 

Some people don’t like to listen to a neutral sound while sleeping. Plus, when you are sleeping with someone, the white noise can be annoying for them. 

In addition, there are some manufacturers that make white noise machines with a high spectrum of sound levels. That is,  a white noise machine should not have more than 50 decibels of noise, but some machines have a lot more noise. 

Last but not least, some people become dependent on white noise machines. And once there is no white noise, it gets very tough for them to fall asleep. 

Threat for Babies

The babies can be dependent on the white noise for falling asleep as well. In this way, it will be very difficult for them to sleep naturally. And as some white noise machines come with more than 50 decibels sound, it can hamper their hearing, speech development as well as language learning system.

That is why specialists suggest keeping white noise machines seven feet away from the bed. Plus, use the machine at a lower volume.

There are a lot of white noise machines as well as white noisSounds like Voice Apps LLC Sleep Sounds.

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3. Brown Noise

Brown Noise

Brown noise is also called red noise. This type of noise comes with the highest energy at lower frequencies. This is where it is different from the other two types of noises aforementioned. Though now we don’t have enough information on the brown noise, and it’s functioning. 

As far as the experts can realize that the brown noise sounds almost the same to the human ear as the white noise does. According to the expert’s assumption and some practical testing, the brown noise helps us to feel relaxed and fall asleep easily.

Researchers study the various noise colors and frequencies to know more about the effects of the noises. Overall, some examples of the brown noises can be low-frequency roaring, cloudburst, downrush, and robust tides.

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In Words, What Is The Key Difference Between The Three Noise Colors?

In fact, the noise colors belong to a specific frequency range for each one. The three noise colors have an audible frequency to the human ear.

In addition, the noise colors signify the overall energy and hearing.

White noise is the most neutral sound having equally distributed frequency spectrums. The same as the pink noise is, though pink noise includes varied frequency distribution at times.

Now, it’s time to notify the brown noise. It is the deepest noise coming with the most energy delivered at a lower frequency range. Like this, the brown noise becomes deeper as well as rougher. Yes, the three noise types we described are supposed to work for better and easy sleep. Though, brown noise is not ensured by any scientific research to work as a sleeping aid.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Among the three different noise colors we described, any of them can be very handy for an insomniac person to get rid of sleep problems. 

Overall, our article on the difference of white noise vs pink noise vs brown noise should give you a complete knowledge about the noise colors. 

And, if you love any of our recommended products, then please feel free to order and buy on Amazon. We always try to recommend the best product for your particular requirement.

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