Window Soundproofing Film: What Is It and How Does It Work?

How Does Window Soundproofing Film Work?

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Windows are the most vulnerable part when it comes to noises. They have air gaps where noises pass through. Unfortunately, you can’t keep them closed.

However, if you are serious about soundproofing, you can eliminate all noises passing through the window.

One of the best techniques to soundproof your windows is using a window soundproofing film. With it, you will block noises even when the windows are opened.

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about window soundproofing film.

Let’s get started.

What is Window Soundproofing Film?

A window soundproofing film is an interlayer film placed between window layers. It’s sandwiched between the external layers.

The two layers sandwich the core layer that has a sound insulation property. Its main purpose is to block or reduce the transmission of sound passing through them.

Window soundproofing film is among the many types of soundproofing windows you will find today in the market. The difference between window soundproof film and other types of windows is the number of layers on the window itself.

How Does Window Soundproofing Film Work?

The main purpose of the window soundproofing film is to block noises passing through the window. It works by blocking sound transmission passing.

It works in a simple process. When the sound is passing through the window, it comes across the window. The soundproofing film absorbs all the sounds passing through it. By doing this, it ensures that no sound is passing through your window.

When the sound is too loud, the soundproofing film absorbs and reduces its impact. If any sound escapes and finds its way in the room, its significantly low and can’t cause any disturbance.

The soundproofing films come with different properties and abilities. Some films are more effective than others. You can also find other soundproofing films that reduce the light and heat coming from outside.

In short, there are multi-purpose soundproofing films. They act as sound absorption and heat insulation materials.

However, to use the soundproofing film in your windows, they need to be multi-layered. This will give a space for you to install the soundproofing film.

So, if you don’t have a multi-layered window, it wouldn’t be possible to use this amazing window soundproofing material. But if its something that excites you, you can go ahead and install multi-layered windows.

The soundproofing film reduces the noise of up to 5 decibels. This is a significant noise reduction that you will easily.

It’s All Science: How the Window Soundproofing Film Absorbs the Noises

To understand soundproofing film, it’s essential to understand the history of the films.

The films can be traced back to a group of scientists in Singapore. They aimed to develop transparent films to block noises from outside while they improve the internal acoustics of a house. And with their invention, they achieved this goal.

The soundproofing window film uses polymer materials strengthened with transparent lamination. It uses the same principle used in noise-canceling headphones.

The film should be in between two window layers. The layers channel the outdoor noise into the soundproofing film.

The film absorbs the noise passing through it. This means that the window can remain open but cancel much of the noises you will hear from outside.

This is a great invention. During the summer, you will open the windows and still cancel much of the noise from outside.

Why Should You Use Soundproofing Window Film?Why Should You Use Soundproofing Window Film

The number one benefit of using a soundproofing window film is to reduce noise passing through your window. It’s a tested and tried technique that you won’t go wrong if you implement it in your house.

It’s a film that is focusing on making the world a peaceful and quieter place for humans to live in.

Apart from the noise reduction, the film will insulate the heat in your home. With it, you won’t worry about the harsh temperatures during summer and winter season. It keeps the temperatures in your house favorable without interference from the outside temperatures.

And if you are looking for privacy, this is the film to install over your window. It blocks the sunlight to your house. No one can easily see the inside of your house from outside. With the film, you even don’t need to have curtains for your house.

In summary, the soundproofing window film will offer the following benefits to you.

  • Absorb and reduce most of the noises coming through your windows.
  • Thermal insulation
  • Gives privacy to your room
  • Compatible with different types of glasses
  • Perfect for meeting rooms and offices
  • You don’t have to keep your windows closed

Window Soundproofing Film

Factors to Consider When Choosing Window Soundproofing Films

There are factors you need to consider before installing the window soundproofing film. If you don’t put these things into consideration before you begin soundproofing your windows, you won’t get the results you require.

The following are the main factors you should put into consideration for you to benefit from the window soundproofing films.

Types of Windows

As mentioned earlier, the window soundproofing films do not apply to any windows. It can only be applied to certain kinds of windows.

Layered windows are the only type that would be possible to soundproof with the window soundproofing film.

So, before you buy the soundproofing film, make sure your windows are double layered. These will make it possible for you to install the film in between different layers.

The Level of Noise You Wish to Soundproof

The window soundproofing film reduces the noise of up to 5 decibels. Medically, you are not supposed to be exposed to the noise of above 78 decibels. So, if you are dealing with a very loud noise, you should combine this technique with another soundproofing method.

For example, if the noise coming through your window is above 100 decibels, you can use the soundproofing film and still install soundproofing curtains over your window to deal with the excess noises you will hear coming through your window.

The Number of Windows You Would Wish to Soundproof

This is an obvious factor to consider. When you know the number of windows you would wish to soundproof, you will get the right amount of soundproofing films.


You will incur money to buy soundproofing films and install them. Before you begin this project, you need to calculate all the costs.

Include the price of the films and the cost of installation. This should be done in the initial stages of planning.

After you have all the cost, check whether you can afford to buy and install these window soundproofing films over.

Alternative Window Soundproofing

As mentioned, window soundproofing film only works on layered windows. So, if you don’t have layered windows, it could be difficult for you to use this amazing technique.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t soundproof your windows. There are other effective techniques that you can apply to your windows and cancel most of the noises causing disturbances to you.

Besides, to get the best results, it’s advisable to combine the window soundproofing film with other techniques. This will cancel most of the noises passing through your windows.

The following are the alternative and simple soundproofing techniques that you can apply to your windows.

  1. Soundproofing Curtains and Blankets

Soundproofing curtains are special curtains designed to muffle and cancel most of the noises passing through your window.

If you are looking for a quick and easy technique to soundproof your windows, this is the deal. Soundproofing blankets and curtains are thick and dense. When hung over the windows, they can dampen most of the noises passing through them.

The curtains and blankets absorb all echoes. As a result, they improve your internal acoustics.

To use the curtains or blankets, you only need to hang them as you do with ordinary curtains. The blankets come with grommets.

Blankets and curtains are perfect if you don’t want to do a lot of work over your window. They mainly reduce airborne, impact, and vibration noises passing through your door.

Buy either of the following soundproofing materials on Amazon. Any of these will give you the best results in soundproofing your home.


Sure-Max 12 Moving & Packing Blankets

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Deluxe Moving Blankets by Chean Cheap Moving Boxes

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For more insights about using soundproofing blankets, read this article How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets: 9 Best Ways!



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Deconovo Blackout Curtains

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  1. Install window plugs

The window plugs aim to form an airtight fit for your windows. As a result, it will block all the noises coming from outside your house.

  1. Install secondary windows or glazing

Adding secondary windows and glazing will thicken your windows. Noises find it difficult to pass through the thick windows and find their way in your room. This is an expensive and effective technique.

  1. Seal all available gaps

Air gaps are a major concern when it comes to noises. Sound easily travels through air gaps. If your windows have gaps, close them.

Leave no gap for the noise to pass through.

Parting Shot

Window soundproofing film is a modern technology in blocking noises passing through your windows. You will need a layered window to install the film.

The film works by absorbing and canceling the noises passing through the window. As simple as that you deal with the noises coming through your window.

However, for this technique to work, you need to have layered windows.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t soundproof. You can use soundproofing blankets and curtains as an alternative solution to soundproofing.

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