5 Best Quietest Hard Drives in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Quietest Hard Drives in 2019

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Nothing is more annoying than working with a noisy computer. There are majorly two types of noises you will encounter – hard drive, and fan noise.

In this article, we will discuss top 5 best quietest hard drive in 2020.

WD Purple 6TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive

Yes. If you don’t have time to read the entire article, go ahead and buy. If your PC hard drive is making a lot of noise, you can go ahead and buy WD Purple 6TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive – 5400 RPM. One thing you will love about WD Blue 5400 class hard drive is that they come with a 2 years warranty. On top of that, it’s among the quietest hard drives in the market

  • Less noise
  • High storage of 6 TB with high speed
  • Free Acronis True Image WD Edition cloning software

Top 5 Best Quietest Hard Drive Reviews

Key Features

  • High Capacity
  • NAS-specific features
  • Less noise
  • Low energy consumption

1. WD Red 10TB Internal Hard Drive

The WD Red hard drives are NAS systems hard drives. They come in various storage capacities ranging from 1TB to 12 TB. They can handle a workload of up to 180 TB per year.

The hard disk is super quiet even when overloaded.

To maintain high storage capacity, the WD Red uses the HelioSeal technology. This is a technology that uses helium instead of air.

The technology increases the speed of the hard disk by reducing the resistance in the data handled within the hard drive. As a result, more platters can be added by the manufacturer that improve storage capacity.

The hard drive can handle large storages and maintain speed. As a result, there is minimal noise experienced from it.

WD Red hard drive has NAWSWare 3.0 firmware that gives you ease of installing the hardware in any NAS devices. At the same time, the hard disk can be paired with up to 8 bays.

RAID error technology guarantees that WD hard drive does not fail.

Expect minimal vibration with the WD. Consequently, the energy consumption of the hard drive is also low. Hence one of the reasons why it’s less noisy.

If you are looking for massive storage, less noisy, and high performing hard drive, buy WD Red on Amazon today.

Key Features

  • Less noise
  • High storage of 6 TB with high speed
  • Free Acronis True Image WD Edition cloning software

2. WD Blue 6TB PC Hard Drive – 5400 RPM Class

One thing you will love about WD Blue 5400 class hard drive is that they come with a 2 years warranty. On top of that, it’s among the quietest hard drives in the market.

WD Blue 6TB hard drive uses SATA II 6GB/s connection interface. They have a data port on the right and a SATA power connector on the left.

The hard drive has a standard thickness of 26.1 mm that makes it fit on any 3.5-inch PC case without any problems.

If you have been looking for a hard drive that is not only quiet, WD blue will get the job done. Its reliability is legendary. It’s designed, built, and tested to last for a long period of time.

The high storage capacity of 6TB makes it perfect for storing important files, videos, and photos. You can also use it to upgrade your computer from to a space of above 5 TB.

To boost the performance of your computer, pair the hard drive with an SSD. The SSD will maximize speed on the access of data while the WD Blue drive, on the other hand, will store up to 6 TB of games, movies, applications, and much more data.

This hard disk is also perfect for people storing images and videos of ultra-high de nition video that are up to 4K resolution and 3 frames per second. These sizes require huge storage. And the hard drive will give more than that. Buy the Hard drive today on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Less noise
  • Available in up to 8 TB storage capacities
  • Surveillance 3.5-inch hard drive
  • Optimized for ALlFrameTM Technology

3. WD Purple 6TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive

Get the right hard drive to do the right job. WD Purple  6TB hard disk drive has been specifically engineered for surveillance. They can withstand a high level of equipment vibration and elevated heat fluctuations within the surveillance area.

WD Purple is designed to run for harsh 24/7 on a surveillance system. As a result, it gives reliable surveillance storage. With its ability to function well under harsh conditions, you can always trust and rely on the quality of video on the playback.

All WD Purple hard drives have a technologyMissed and AllFrame 4K frames that enable retrieval or lost video footage. The technology also improves the ATA streaming, which reduces the chances of loss of the surveillance recording.

Tuned for low bit rate, write-intensive, high stream-count applications makes the hard drive a perfect choice for most surveillance applications.

Hard drive speed is at 5400 RPMCache, which means that the hard disk can stream and store high-quality live surveillance video. It’s compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Mac operating systems.

The WD Purple comes with a package of cables, hard drive only – no screws, and a user guide. When you buy on Amazon they are shipped in a WD-certified box to ensure safety. Check price and buy the hard drive today on Amazon.

Key Features

  • High speed of between 229 MB/s and 245 MB/s.
  • Super quiet hard drive
  • High storage capacity

4. Seagate BarraCuda Pro 10TB

The Barracuda Pro is a 10 TB and 7200 RPM hard disk drive. Seagate Barracuda also has a transfer rate of 220 MB/s and great endurance.

When it comes to performance, the hard disk is among the best you can ever find in the market. It has a writing speed of about 229 MB/s while it’s reading speed goes up to 245 MB/s. The high speeds are as a result of high-quality conventional magnetic recording drives. They have over 7 read-write heads and 14 platters.

The hard disk only used 6.8 W, making it among the most efficient hard drives in the market today.

It’s ideal for any professional work or improving the capacity of desktops, DAS, or home server. With its high performance, the hard drive is surprisingly quiet.

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Key Features

  • 4 TB storage capacity
  • Super quiet
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Fast data transfer rate of 600 MBPS

5. WD40EZRX Western Digital 4TB Internal Hard

WD40EZRX are for using in quiet and relaxed operations in PCs. Hence making them reliable in energy efficiency, massive capacity, and lower power consumption.

The hard drives can be the primary installation, Secondary storage, or reliable backup storage.

The reduced vibrations, quiet acoustics, and advanced 4K HDD format make it a perfect choice when compared to other PCs and external hard drives. It’s also best in power management and next-generation technologies that offer balanced performance.

Intelliseek technology calculates the optimum speed of operation to lower vibration, noise, and power consumption.

If you are looking for the best hard drive that will suit your needs for a computer upgrade, or external storage, buy the hard disk on Amazon today.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Noiseless Hard Drives for PC

Whether you want to upgrade your PC or need a back up hard drive, there are factors you need to put in mind before you purchase any noiseless hard drive. The following are significant factors.

  • Storage Capacity

Storage is the primary factor that you need to think about first before anything else. Think of your storage needs. Don’t just buy a hard drive without understanding the size of files you need to store in the hard drive.

It’s essential to invest in a hard drive that you won’t need to worry about filling every day. You can upgrade the storage, but that should not an excuse for buying a low storage hard drive.

  • Hard Disk Performance

It won’t make any sense to have a low performing hard disk that is noiseless. Hard drives don’t give the same performance.

Mainly, hard disks come in 4200, 5400, 7300, and 1000 revolution per minute.

The higher the revolution per minute, the smoother and faster is the disc performance when handling data. However, it’s essential to choose a hard drive that has a higher performance but at the same time maintain the noise at a low level.

  • Warranty

How long does the manufacturer expect the hard disk to last? If you want to know the strength of the hard drive, check the number of years offered in the warranty.

Western Digital and Seagate hard disks have a warranty of up to five years. When looking at the warranty, also look at the things that are covered by the warranty.

  • Hard Drive Manufacturer

There are all kinds of manufacturers in the market. Choose to buy hard disk drive from reputable manufacturers who have positive reviews from previous customers.

One way to know the best manufacturers is to read expert reviews on the internet.

What to do after purchasing a silent hard disk drives

If you are wondering what to do after buying your quiet hard disk, worry not. I will share with you simple things you need to do immediately after purchase silent hard drive.

  1. Inspect the Packaging

The hard disk is usually paced between plastic boxes that should prevent it from any damage. It stays safe during transit.

Ensure the hard disk comes with these packing. Also, it’s essential to inspect and ensure the hard drive doesn’t show any physical damage to it.

  1. Handle with Clean Hands

Don’t handle the hard drive with greasy hands. Wash your hands and dry them. Alternatively, wear clean gloves.  Any greasy marks on the hard drive would damage it.

  • Format the Drive After Installation

Once you have installed the drive successfully, format it. Run several passes on the disk to ensure that every section is well-formatted. Once that is done, pay attention to any issue that could be in the storage.

Check RUEs and failed reads that could be on the hard drive.

Final Verdict:

If you buy the right silent hard drive, you will enjoy the peace of working in a quiet environment. But most importantly, ensure you buy a hard drive that would serve your purpose well. Consider all the factors discussed above and choose the best hard drive.

If you are yet to make a decision, choose our top pick ( WD40EZRX Western Digital 4TB Internal Hard ). It will give you the best performance.

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