Top 11 Best Quiet Hand Dryers in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide 

Best Quiet Hand Dryers

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Why to use quiet hand dryers for washing your handsWell, it is better to show statistics. According to manufacturers, hand dryers can reduce costs up to 99.5%.  

What’s more, while you are washing hand on the washing basin, your hands remain wet. You must know that wet hands are the playground for bacteria. So, you have to dry your hands as early as you wash them. For this, a hand dryer can come into play. In fact, these machines had reduced the amount of paper waste greatly. However, hand dryers are not without disadvantages too. Many hand dryers may often make incessant noise. In 2005, an academic research shows that the average standard hand dryer can create about 80 decibel of noise. Which is equivalent to a food blender. So, you must need a quiet hand dryer which lets you wash your hand without noise. 

That is why, I have come with the most quiet hand dryers to show you. Fortunately, the newer models are available without nuisance noises.  

Here’s a bit more to know about the  top quite hand dryers and there reviews. 

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Top 11 Best Quiet Hand Dryers in 2020 

Get the most wanted hand dryers right now. 

Let’s start picking up from number #1.  

1.  AIKEAK2630S Compact Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

Best Quiet Hand Dryers

AIKEAK2630S Hand Dryer is one of the bestseller hand dryers in market. It is an elegant and beautiful quiet hand dryer. Besides, it’s compact design will fit perfectly for both household uses and commercial purpose. 

Moreover, AIKEAK2630S dryer consumes less energy to run than other hand dryer. It’s unique features, optimized performance and less noise makes it the one of the bestseller quiet hand dryers available in the market. 

So, you will definitely like AIKEAK2630S in your washroom. 

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Constructions- ABS Polycarbonate Construction 
  • Configuration – 110-130 Voltage. 
  • Power- 1400 Watt 
  • Air Speed- 105/m air speed. 
  • Sound- 76 dB 
  • Drying Time– Fast dry within 10-15 seconds . 
  • Prevents danger-Overheat and over-current complete protection.


  • Strong poly carbon construction 
  • Provide long-lasting strength 
  • Highly power-efficient. 
  • Quick-acting. 
  • Perfect drying experience 

2. JETWELL 2Pack High Speed Commercial Automatic Eco Hand Dryer-Heavy Duty 

JETWELL 2Pack High Speed Commercial Automatic Eco Hand Dryer-Heavy Duty 

JETWELL2Pack automatic hand dryers set is a cost-effective set. It is suitable for both residential and commercial washrooms. Each of JETWELL2Pack machines requires only 8 to 10 seconds to dry. Besides, it is an energy-efficient, waterproof and super fast device. It comes with brush less motors. For this, the machines Don’t produce noise over 72 dB 

Along with this, JETWELL2Pack hand dryers can deliver both hot and cold air at 1400 and 500 W power supply. Notably,  JETWELL2Pack hand dryer gives a hygienic hand to you. As well as, you can save paper, save money and save energy too. Let’s explore some useful features.  

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Construction- Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel 
  • Configuration – 110V-120 V/60 HZ 
  • Power -1400W(Hot)/ 500 W(Cold) 
  • Drying time-7-10 seconds 
  • Waterproof grade 
  • Heat air: 68-104 °F/20-40°C 
  • Noise- 72 dB+ – 
  • Protection – It has multiple protections. Likewise, timeout protection and overheat protection all are available. 


  • High speed and rapid hand drying and 3 times faster 
  • Saves 80% Less energy. 
  • Heavy Duty and will last for a long time. 
  • HEPA Filter removes dust and bacteria and impurities. 


3.  AIKE AK2903 Heavy Duty Commercial Hand Dryer

AIKE AK2903 Heavy Duty Commercial Hand Dryer

AIKEAK2903 is a heavy-duty commercial  dryer. The hand dryer is completely safe. Providing great and long experience. AIKEAK2903 hand dryer comes with huge functionalities. Including, it can heat on room temperature that will save 70% more energy per dry. So, one time investment on this hand dryer can save your money that spent on paper.  

What’s more, it is a corrosion-proof stainless steel hand dryer. With all its quietness, AIKEAK2903should be a great accessory in your bathroom. Let’s dive deeper into this quiet hand dryer.  

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Construction-Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel 
  • Configuration-120 Voltage 
  • Power-1400 Watt 
  • Dry Time -8-12 seconds 
  • Frequency- 60 HZ 
  • Air volume- 34 L/S 
  • Waterproof gradeIPX1 


  • Automatic heating 
  • Smart warm technology 
  • 70% energy savings 
  • Detachable and washable HEPA filter 
  • Dust and bacteria proof 

4. Royal Sovereign Personal Hand Dryer

Royal Sovereign Personal Hand Dryer

Royal Sovereign personal automatic hand dryer is a quick and quite hand dryer. It touches less sensors can start automatically and can dry your hands within under 15 seconds. Moreover, the Royal Sovereign is a hygienic hand dryer that is ideal  for any kitchen, bathroom or break room. 

Furthermore, the Royal Sovereign reduces the usage of paper towels and monthly energy costs. 

Features you mustn’t miss : 

  • Light Weight -3.97 Pounds 
  • Heat- Warm/Cool  
  • Drying time – 15 seconds 


  • Modern Design 
  • Touchless Operation 
  • Quick drying and greatest drying performance 
  • Eliminates paper cost and reduces environmental waste 

5. Commercial Hand Dryer (224 mph) Automatic Electric Hand Dryers

Commercial Hand Dryer (224 mph) Automatic Electric Hand Dryers

Commercial hand dryer is a great looking and quiet modern dryer. This dryer adds value to your office or home by its useful features. Besides, the commercial hand dryerwork very efficiently and quickly. It can dry hand within about 10 seconds. The hand dryer have a good airflow and perfect temperature level. Moreover, it’s easy to install. And you get this at a reasonable price. Explore some useful features right below.  

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Construction- Stainless steel 
  • Configuration – 110/120 Voltage. 
  • Air Speed- High speed 224 mph 
  • Drying Time- 10 seconds 


  • Reasonable Price 
  • Fast drying and high speeds 
  • Compact innovative unique design 
  • Powerful energy-efficient technology 

6. Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer 

Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer 

Goetland is a perfect hand dryer for home or commercial use. 

This waterproof hand dryer is nicely mounted on the wall and will serve for long-term. Notably, Goetland hand dryer can dry your hands within 10-12 seconds. However, it consumes less energy. Again, it has polished stainless steel cover. Which looks beautiful and make protection against rust, wear, and tear. 

 What’s more, this model can make your washroom more environmental friendly. Let’s know some features of this ultra quiet hand dryer.  

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Construction- Stainless steel 
  • Power:1351 Watt 
  • Sound- Working under 70-72 dB 
  • Dry Time- 10-12 seconds 
  • Waterproof -GradeIpx1

Pros : 

  • Easily mounted on wall 
  • Lower energy consumption 
  • Excellent Performance 
  • Automated features 

7. Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer

Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer

Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer sounds good with many specialties. It works excellently as soon as installed. The temperature level of this model is perfect. As well as, its airflow is quite good. Moreover, this best hand dryer is more durable. Point to be noted, it operates without any irritating noise. Thus, this hand dryer is suitable for any office environment as well. 

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Construction- ABS Polycarbonate 
  • Configuration – 110/120 V 
  • Power: 2000 Watt 
  • Sound- 60 dB 
  • Drying Time-30 seconds 


  • Easy and fast installation 
  • No touch operation 
  • Ultra Quite, literally operates without any sound 
  • Dries hand quickly 

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8. VALENS Hand Dryer, Electric Hand Dryer

VALENS Hand Dryer, Electric Hand Dryer

VALENS is a super quiet hand dryer suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. It is perfect for bathrooms of office buildings, restaurants, hotels, medical centers, hospitals, airports, malls, etc. 

With powerful blowing air, this is one of the fastest hand dryers. It can dry hand within 10 seconds. Besides, VALENS hand dryer offer a safe, reliable and quite hand drying experience. Moreover, there is a filter inside Valen dryer that can protect it from dusts. 

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Constructions- Stainless steel 
  • Configuration –120V/60 HZ 
  • Power:1500 Watt 
  • Air Speed: 224 MPH 
  • Air Temperature: 104 °F 
  • Waterproof Grade: IP23 
  • Sound- 70-72 dB 
  • Dry Time-10-12 seconds 
  • Protection – Overload and short-circuit protection 


  • Slim, safe, durable and reliable 
  • Efficient and powerful 
  • Low noise and wide application 

Alternative Products Recommendations


9.  Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer 

Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer 

Goetland stainless steel hand dryer is suitable for multi purpose. For instance, it suits for home as well as commercial purposes. It’s a lightweight and waterproof drier. Besides, this model comes with stainless steel cover. Which looks beautiful. As well as, this functionality gives protection against rust, wear and tear. 

Notably, Goetland can dry hands within 10-12 seconds. Including health hygiene and long-term service. You will definitely fall in love with Goetland hand dryer sleek and its trendy design. 

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • ConstructionStainless steel 
  • Power: 800-1200 Watt 
  • Air – Both hot and cool 
  • Sound- 70-72 dB 
  • Drying Time-10-12 seconds 
  • Waterproof Grade Ipx1 


  • Durable, stylish, trendy and sleek design 
  • Extremely energy-efficient 
  • Power savings device 
  • Waterproof. So, no tension of sparks or accidents.

10.  ASIALEO Commercial Hand Dryer

ASIALEO Commercial Hand Dryer

ASIALEO hand dryer  suits for both residential and commercial hygiene purposes. This model is made of stainless steel. Chiefly, it can make your palm completely dry within 8- 10 seconds. 

However, you can change the airflow from hot to cold as well. This dryer provides you efficient and comfortable using experience. So, without delaying, Say Hello to the beautiful  quiet hand dryer!    

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Construction-Stainless steel 
  • Configuration110V/60 Hz 
  • Power -1350 Watt 
  • Sound-70 dB 
  • Drying time – 8-10 seconds 
  • Air Temperature: 40 ℃ 
  • Protection-Timeout protection and overheat protection 


  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Provides both cold and hot air drying. 
  • Saves paper, money and energy 

11.  PowerPress AHD Super Quiet Automatic Electric Hand Dryer

PowerPress AHD Super Quiet Automatic Electric Hand Dryer

PowerPressAHD-2001 is a high-speed automatic hand dryer. This dryer takes about 10 seconds to make your palms completely dry. Moreover, It’s noise reduction nozzle makes itself one of the quietest hand dryer on market. 

That is to say, PowerPressAHD-2001 is a super-silent dryer.  Suitable for the restrooms of hotels, hospitals, casinos, and shopping malls anywhere else. 

Let’s cut out this nice  quiet hand dryer for your betterment.   

Features you mustn’t miss: 

  • Configuration110-127 V 
  • Power -550 Watt 
  • Air speed – 95 m/s 
  • sound- 10 dB 
  • Drying time – 10-15 seconds 
  • Waterproof grade: IPX1 


  • Use 80% less energy than conventional hand dryer 
  • The brushed motor offers super fast airflow 
  • Serves you long-term with elegant 

Buying Guide for Quiet Hand Dryers 

Buying Guide for Quiet Hand Dryers 

Check out the following issues when you opt for a Quiet hand dryer. 


As per the name, a Quiet hand dryer should not make noise. Indeed, noise is such an irritating matter for everyone. So, while you are looking for the best Quiet hand dryers, they must come with low noise.  

However, old high-speed hand dryers emit around 90 to100decibels. One thing you need to know, that’s about the noise  power mower or a jet produces. 

That is to say, most of the products on our list are between 50 to 80 decibel. So, wouldn’t you like the  silence? 


Best Quiet hand dryers should be best on speed too! Speed is one of the most important factors that you have to keep in mind. However, the speed may differ from model to model. High speed is an essential consideration to use a hand dryer efficiently. 

Construction and Durability 

Durability is another matter where you need to give careful thought. As you can use it for a long time, the construction need to be durable enough. You have to think about its heavy-duty use as well. Besides, see either it has warranty or not.  


Hand dryers work by using powerful heating elements and fans. Which work to convert temperature air to clean hands hygienically. As per your demand, there are models. Likewise,  lower-power or more power-efficient models. Moreover, Watts is the reason which result in savings or wastes on your utility bills. 

Drying Time 

Drying time depends on combination of airflow speed and the temperature of the directed air. It will help you to determine exactly how fast your hands get dried. The more powerful the dryers are, the more they dry your hands within a few seconds.   


You should consider the overall performance of the Quiet hand dryer. But point to be noted, more power will consume more energy. Besides, it can even make high noise as well. So, be careful about these factors too. 


If the hand dryers include  HEPA filters, then they will be more hygiene. So, you should be looking for the best Quiet hand dryers. That can reduce the germs as well as suitable for different applications. 


Always get a Quiet hand dryer that comes in an easy to operate design. Some of the super Quiet hand dryers will even allow you to use it in public restrooms and have a better advantage. What’s more, you can see whether it comes with other features. Which will let you use it according to your needs. 

Check the parameters of the buying guide. Thus, you will be able to buy the super quiet hand dryer within your budget. 

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A hand washing basin without a hand dryer looks unconventional . A quiet hand dryer is not only functional but also increase the beauty and luxury of the place. Indeed, there is no use of a hand towel. On the other hand, hand dryers come with huge benefits. So, get the best quiet hand dryers. To reduce noise, to reduce cost, to save the environment. 

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