Lizard Skin Vs. Dynamat: Which One is The Best for Reducing Noises

Lizard Skin Vs. Dynamat: Which One is The Best for Reducing Noises

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No one loves driving a noise car. On the road, you just need to enjoy your stereo. However, this is sometimes difficult. Noise is to blame.

But with soundproofing techniques available in the market, you don’t have to worry about all that. However, there are different soundproofing materials, and it can be difficult to choose the best material for your car.

Specifically, choosing between Dynamat and Lizard Skin is not easy. You are not sure whether a spray-on sound deadener will function better than a mat.

In this article, we will compare Dynamat and Lizard Skin to determine which is best for you to buy.

Let’s get started.

Lizard Skin Vs. Dynamat

1. Dynamat ReviewDynamat Review

Dynamat is a sound deadening material that has been in the industry for a long time. It’s a preferred choice over most of the soundproofing mats available in the market today.

Dynamat reduces automotive noise but also improves the quality of your car audio. It blocks all noise from the car engine, vibrations, and car movements. At the same time, it absorbs all the echoes in your car cabin. This is why the mat improves the quality of your car audio.

The mat is also perfect for heat insulation. Your car remains cool during hot summer days.

Dynamat Features

Permanent Adhesive: The mats have a lasting, seem adhesive for installation. After installing the Dynamat, it does not come off. It remains intact even when temperatures are high.

Aluminum Coated: Dynamat comes with an aluminum coating. The coating enhances heat resistance on the mat. It does not absorb heat.

Compatibility: Dynamat is made up of a material that is compatible with different car surfaces. Therefore, without any difficulty, you can apply it on different surfaces and hold firmly.

Flexible material: The mat is flexible and can be used to soundproof flat surfaces, corners, and curves.

Multiple functions: Besides soundproofing, the mat also insulates the car from excess heat. It also reduces the rattling of subwoofers. Therefore, when used in a vehicle, it enhances the overall bass effect of a vehicle.


  • No heating is required to install.
  • Improves subwoofers’ sound quality.
  • Efficient in deadening vibrations, noise, and heat.
  • Aluminum coated.


  • Expensive
  • It requires a separate tape and roller to seal the seams between two mats

Best Dynamat Mats Available in the Market

One thing you will love about Dynamat is that they come with varieties. You will find a mat that will suit your needs easily.

The following are various Dynamat available in the market.

Dynamat Xtreme

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Dynamat Xtreme is the most popular mat. It’s made of Sticky butyl rubber coated with an aluminum alloy skin. Mat is super-thin yet very effective.

Dynamat Xtreme doesn’t tear down. And unlike most soundproofing Mats, it doesn’t leave a rubber smell in your car.

The mat comes in different sizes.

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Dynamat SuperLite

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Dynamat SuperLite is efficient for blocking car vibrations and road noises. As compared to Dynatmat Xtreme, it’s thinner and light-weighted by 30%.

Therefore, if you don’t want to add more mass to your car, this is the mat to choose from.

Despite its lightweight and thickness, its effective in soundproofing. Its installation is also easier; there are no special installation requirements needed to fix it over the car surface.

Therefore, if you a looking for a mat that will work effectively and still maintain the weight of your car, buy Dynamat SuperLite on Amazon.


[asa2 tpl=”Flat_box_horizontal”]B001JT5NIU[/asa2]

Dynaliner is a mat that’s used alongside Dynamat. Normally, it applied on top of the Dynamat. It has a self-adhesive soft, closed rubber cell. With its structure, it makes an excellent heat insulator. The cells are also arranged in a way that water or oil can’t go through it.

Dynaliner is strong and durable. It doesn’t wear out easily.

Check the latest price and buy the mat on Amazon.

2. Lizard Skin ReviewLizard Skin Review

Lizard skin is a car sound deadening material that was developed for car noise or vibration control. It’s known to function well in automotive soundproofing than any other soundproofing project.

It’s a sound deadener designed to be used with a ‘Top Coat’ or ‘Ceramic Insulation.’

Unlike Dynamat, Lizard Skin is a spray-on sound deadener that can be applied on your car surface. It’s a type of car deadening material that is applied just like any other car painting.


The application of lizard Skin is not as easy as Dynamat. You need to get a professional to do it for you. Also, when applying Lizard Skin on your car, there is no partial application. Just like car paint, once you start the application, you have to spray the entire car.

It’s advisable to apply two coats with a thickness of 0.40 inches to 0.60 inches.

To apply Lizard Skin sound deadener, you will need a spray gun. As mentioned, the application is the same as you would apply car paint. So, that means you also need to take all necessary precautions when applying the sound deadener.

Before spraying your car, seal all holes, bolts, and nuts with masking tape. The spray can be difficult to remove from these areas if you skip it. You will also need to cover the surrounding area with plastic sheets just like you would do with any other spray or paint job.

Noise Control Effectiveness

Lizard Skin’s noise reduction is excellent. It has sound deadening capabilities that are good. It works well in reducing road vibrations and noises.

Noise Control Effectiveness


Spray on Deadener: Lizard Skin is not just like most of the other sound deadening material. All you need is a spray gun to apply it to your surface.

Noise Cancellation: When Lizard Skin is sprayed over your car surface, it absorbs car vibrations and road noises. These are turned int heat energy, which is then released without causing any noise disturbance in a car.

Heat Insulation: Lizard Skin doesn’t transmit heat energy through it. It’s also fire-resistant. When used over your cars, it doesn’t cause temperature fluctuations. Even when it’s hot outside, your car remains super cool.

Compatible to Any Car Surface: The sound deadener can be used in both the interior and exterior parts of your car. Any surface that can be painted, the deadener can be applied to it.


  • The installation process takes a shorter time when done by a professional
  • All parts of your car are covered with the sound deadener
  • No cases of moisture trapping as compared to other mats
  • Installation reduces cases of injuries as a result of cuts


  • Requires extensive precautions
  • You can’t install in yourself

Buy Lizard Skin on Amazon

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LizardSkin is available on Amazon. Click here to check its latest price and buy it today. This product is a White Ceramic Insulation 2 Gallon Pail, and it’s easy to install and attractive accessories for your vehicle.

Close Comparison Between Dynamat and Lizardskin

Close Comparison Between Dynamat and Lizardskin

When it comes to choosing a good sound deadener, there are factors we need to consider. Here are the factors that differentiate between Dynamat and Lizardskin.

  • Preparation

When it comes to preparation for application, Lizard Skin is a bit complex. Before applying it to your car, you will need to remove anything in the cabin completely. If you don’t remove anything, the spray will stick on your chairs and anything else. It will ruin your car interior.

Once you start applying the Lizard Skin, you can’t stop unless you are done. Also, you can’t apply it partly on your car. You have to spray the whole surface.

On the other hand, Dynamat is easy to prepare for. All you need is the necessary tools to cut the mats into your desired sizes.

You can apply Dynamats partially. Once you start, you are not forced to complete the installation.

  • Installation

Once you have prepared your car surface application of Lizard skin is an easy task. Get an air compressor-powered gun; you just spray over your service. However, things can easily get messy. This is why it’s advisable to get the job done by a professional who knows

Dynamat is easy but laborious to install. You need some tools to cut the mat into your desired sizes. Once you are done with cutting the mats, the remaining task becomes easy. You just install the mat over your car or area you would need to soundproof.

  • Cost

It can be tricky to compare these two sound deadeners. Dynamat is going to cost much money to buy, but when it comes to installation, you will save a lot. On the other hand, Lizard Skin might seem to cost less. But when you add application cost, the whole budget rises.

Again you can’t make the application on yourself. If you choose to buy the air compressor and spray gun, your budget will be unreasonable.

  • Effectiveness

When it comes to overall effectiveness, we will give the Lizard Skin trophy. It covers every part of your car. There are no sound leaks that will be left to cause disturbances in your car.

Dynamat is also very effective. The only issue is that you can’t use it to cover every part of your car. As a result, it remains to be less effective than LizardSkin.

Why We Recommend Dynamat

lizard skin vs dynamat

When it comes to soundproofing your car, we would recommend that you go for Dynamat. It has numerous benefits over the Lizard Skin. However, this doesn’t mean that Lizard Skin is not effective.

If you think about installation, flexibility, and performance, Dynamat, take it all. It can be installed easily on any surface. Also, when soundproofing, you don’t need to apply it everywhere in your car as you would do with Lizard Skin.

Also, in a short time, you can install Dynamat on your own. All need to do is cut them into desirable sizes and then stick them over your surface. The self-adhesive stick-on glue on the Dynamat makes work easier.

Dynamat might seem expensive, but the benefits that it offers over Lizard Skin can’t be matched. Either way, Lizard Skin is not cheap. Its installation adds to the cost that you spend on buying it.

So, if you are wondering which of these two sound deadeners you need to buy, we recommend you to buy Dynamat. It will be more effective for your car soundproofing.

Final Verdict

By now you should be sure of what’s best for your car. A spray-on sound deadener will cover your entire car. That’s one of the benefits of Lizard Skin. A soundproofing mat gives you convenience and flexibility of soundproofing – hence why Dynamat is more popular.

So, depending on your goal, choose either of the sound deadeners, and they will reduce most of your road noises.

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