What is CVC 6.0 Noise Canceling? & How Does it Work?

cVc 6.0 Noise Cancellation

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Clear Voice Capture (CVC) it’s a technology that filters noises when you talk on your mic. It’s a technology common in phone and earbud mics.

CVC works by suppressing audio noises in the far and near end. In more technical terms, it provides bit error and packet loss concealment.

With noise suppression, CVC technology gives the best possible phone call conversation when using Bluetooth headsets, hands-free devices, landline, and automotive communication devices. It identifies the right audio sound and suppresses the unwanted sound.

It filters human voice when you are speaking so that someone on the other end can hear clear vocal when you speak. Even if you are in a noisy place, the technology will create a virtual quiet space.

How Does CVC Work?How Does CVC Work?

As mentioned, it works by suppressing the unwanted noises. During a phone call, a mic pic all noises – both your voice and background noises. In this case, the CVC intelligence algorithms come in place to filter the noise.

The algorithms are set in a manner that they can easily identify the voice and sound that needs to be transmitted or recorded in your device. In your headset, the algorithms they suppress unwanted sounds and enhance your voice.

The same procedure is also repeated with the incoming audio sound. If the other person is in a noisy background, the CVC on your device will also filter and suppress the noises that are in the background.

In turn, you will hear a clear voice and audio sound from the other person. However, this later functioning will only work if you have set your headset to filter noises from the other side.

To achieve it does the following major things with the aid of its algorithms.

  • Enhancing Voice Communication

CVC works to give you a crystal-clear sound output. For instance, the algorithms cancel echo and suppress noise coming from a distance. These voice enhancements can be applied according to the customization that you would need on your headset.

  • Separation of Voice Signals of Interest

The main innovation of CVC technology is logic algorithms. The algorithms are suppressing noise using a proprietary signal extraction technique. In simple terms, the algorithms understand how human speech is heard and processed.

So, any audio sound that is not processed as human speech is canceled or suppressed. In the end, you are left with the human voice.

The person listening will think that you are in a quiet indoor place. They won’t hear any noise coming from your background.

What is CVC in a Common Man’s Language?

When you use headphones with CVC technology, the software in the works in the background, it separates your voice from any other sound around you. It filters the voice and leaves your voice sounding like you are in a quieter place.

The technology reduces up to 30-decibel noise from your background. Your partner will hear the phone call. At the same time, it also reduces noises coming from the caller’s end. You will only hear their voice.

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