Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use: Why and How to Solve the Problem

Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use

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Let’s face it. It’s annoying when your toilet makes noise when not in use. The only sound you expect to hear is the whooshing or whistling sound when you flush your toilet. But other times, your toilet might keep making noises even when the tank is filled.

These noises are not only annoying. Sometimes they waste a lot of water. Consequently, your bills skyrocket within a short time.

Reasons Why Your Toilet is Making Noise When Not in Use

The noises you will hear from your toilet when not in use could be due to some reasons. Some of the reasons would signify a problem in your toilet system. To eliminate the noise, you need to identify the problem and fix it.

Toilet Making Noise When Not in Use

The following are common reasons why your toilet will make noise when not in use.

  1. Leaking Toilet Valves

If you notice constant vibration sounds from your toilet when not in use, then the toilet valve could be the problem.

The diaphragm gasket inside your toilet fill valve hardens, wear down and lose elasticity. When this happens, it allows water to leak through it. And as water leaks, it makes some vibrating noises even when the toilet is not in use.

To inspect this problem, remove the toilet tank lid. Then lift the floating arm gently. If the noise stops, then go ahead and replace the fill valve.

  1. Malfunctioning fill Valves

Apart from vibrations, the fill valve might make other noises. Some of the sounds are continuous whistling noises. If the noise doesn’t stop, this could mean that your fill valves are not shutting correctly.

To inspect and identify the malfunction, you need to lift the floating arm in your toilet tank gently. If the noise stops, then you know the valve is malfunctioning.

Replace your toilet valves with a quiet valve from amazon.

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  1. Calcium Deposits Build Up on the Inside of Your Pipes

If you notice a constant whooshing sound that stops after the toilet tank is full, then the problem is a calcium build-up. This is a common problem in states and areas with hard water.

When calcium builds up on the inside of the pipes makes water flow difficult. As a result, you will hear a whooshing sound when the toilet tank is refilling.

To deal with this problem, use a calcium and mineral deposit cleaning agent.

Parting Shot

You don’t have to live toilet noises. The first thing is to understand the issue with your toilet and fix it.

Without much effort, you can deal with all toilet noises. Most importantly, get quiet toilets and accessories.

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