Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off? Here’s A Fix

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Nothing is annoying and freaking than hearing noises through your speakers when the car is off. You won’t enjoy your stereo at peace.

This is a common problem that can be caused by different issues. The noises can be whine, static, distortion, hiss, or other sounds.

Why are My Car Speakers Making a Static Noise?

Usually, the sound comes to your speaker through the wires with electrical signals. The signals, in most cases, are distorted by other signals from electrical devices around you. These could include electrical devices such as power lines.

Anything capable of generating an electrical field will affect your car audio system making it make noise even when the car is off.

Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off

How to Fix Noise From Your Speaker When Car is Off

The best method to deal with this noise issue is to identify and fix the source of the noise. You won’t have to worry about a disturbing speaker when you are listening to relaxing music through your stereo.

Track Down the Source of Static Noise

The first step in solving the problem of a noisy stereo is by first identifying the source of the problem. Interference with Radiofrequency leads to signal degradation. This allows most of the noises to the speakers.

Sometimes the interference is caused by wire close to antenna or unshielded antenna cable. Other times the problem is caused by radio or its accessories.

To identify the source of the problem, you need first to turn on your head unit then set it up again. This will help you hear the static noise well.

To find more issues do the following things.

What Next?

After finding the source of the noise fix. Insulate all broken wires. Ensure that nothing is creating a magnetic field around your car speakers.

If you are not a car expert, it might be difficult to identify all these issues. So, you might need to consult your mechanic to check this problem for you.

Bottom Line

If you hear a static noise or your car audio systems make any noise while the car is turned off, you might be dealing with a magnetic field problem. Get a qualified electrical technician to check your car and fix the problem.

Some other noises you can soundproof them easily on your own. Read this article to learn on simple ways to soundproof your car: Car underhood liner insulation and soundproofing.

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