How to Reduce Refrigerator Noise: Simple Ways to Fix now

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Appliances make noise. Refrigerators specifically tend to be noisy than all other appliances in the house. This is specifically because of the on and off cycle. The automatic icemaker adds the noise produced by the refrigerators.

Noise pollution is unavoidable in today’s life. No matter how best you try to avoid it, you will still encounter some disturbing noises in your home.

However, you don’t have to live in a noisy house. There are simple techniques that you can apply to your fridge and reduce the noise.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss simple ways to reduce refrigerator noise. But before we dive into the techniques, let’s first look at everything you need to know about refrigerator noise.

 Refrigerator Noise

Types and Causes of Refrigerator Noise

Refrigerator noise can be as a result of various things. Some noises are normal while others signify a problem in the refrigerator system. The sound is fairly easy to identify and fix. The following are some of the common noises you will get from your refrigerator.

Condenser Fan Motor Noise

Most of the refrigerators have a condenser coil cooled by a fan. The role of the fan is to cool the condenser and circulate air over the drain pan. Therefore, if your refrigerator is making any noise, the condenser fan could be the issues. The motor runs same time with evaporator motor.

The noise from the condenser fan stays normal. Sometimes it will be turning on and off at regular intervals.

If the fan is making unregular or abnormal noises, inspect it. Look for any debris or solid particles obstructing the air to the condenser.

Evaporator Fan Motors Noises

The evaporator fan motor pulls air over the evaporator coils. It is located under the freezer compartment. It makes noises when the compressor is running.

If your refrigerator is making noises that seem to be coming from the freezer area, the evaporator fan is to blame.

Evaporator Fan Motor Grommet

The grommet role is to reduce noise in the refrigerator. It also isolates the motor from mounting bracket.

Regular wear and tear of the grommet lead to noise production in the refrigerator. Therefore, inspect your fridge. Check if the grommets are worn out. If they are worn out, replace them with new ones.

You can identify the source of noise in your refrigerator by understanding it. The following are common noises you will get from your fridge and their sources.

  • Vibration noise: Might be heard if your refrigerator is not on the floor level.
  • Dripping Noise & Hissing Sound: Sound from refrigerant flow or flow of compressor oil.
  • Gurgling Noise & Water Running Noise: Heard from melting ice during the defrost cycle.
  • Buzzing Noise & Clicking: Heard from the opening and closing of water valves in the refrigerator. The noise can be from evaporator valves regulating cooling operations.
  • Pulsating & Whirring Noise: Sound coming from compressors performance.
  • Popping Sounds: Expansion and contraction of the refrigerator’s inside walls.

Other noises that you may hear from your refrigerator operations may include; clatter, creaking, grinding, sizzling, and cracking noises.

These noises don’t mean that your refrigerator has a problem. Most of them are normal noises that you will regularly hear from your refrigerators. The noise might not be harmful to a level of losing hearing. However, they will stress you if you want to relax.

Therefore, soundproof your refrigerator and deal with the noises. Apply the techniques we will discuss in this article and forget the sounds you will hear from your fridge.

Effective Techniques to Reduce Refrigerator Noises

We have seen refrigerators make different types of noises. These noises might require different techniques to reduce them. The following are top tips to reduce the sounds and enjoy living in a silent house.

I. Inspect the Noise

If your refrigerator is making any noise, first inspect it. Listen and identify where the sound could be coming from. This will help you in understanding the best technique to deal with your refrigerator noise.

If you don’t seem to understand the source of the noise, get a professional. Ask an expert to listen to your fridge and tell you where the sound is coming from.

After identifying the source of the noise, it will be easier for you to pick a soundproofing technique for your refrigerator.

II. Relocate Your Fridge

Relocate Your Fridge

This is the best technique to deal with vibration noise from your refrigerator. If you have placed the fridge in the un-even ground, it will make the noise. Therefore, move the refrigerator and place it on a flatter area.

III. Use Anti-vibration Pads

Before you would think of soundproofing your doors or windows, the first thing you need to do is remove all structural noise from your refrigerator. Vibration sound penetrates through the wall.

Anti-vibration pads are the most effective way to reduce structural noise. It’s cheap and easy to install. They absorb all the vibrations and prevents them from causing disturbances in the house.

The best part is that you don’t need any special skills to fix the pads. You can do that in less than 5 minutes. Order the pads on Amazon and put them under the refrigerator.

Anti-vibration Pads

The anti-vibration pads will be able to remove all vibration noises from your refrigerator. For effectiveness buy anti-vibration pads made for washing machines.

The pads are used to absorb vibrations from laundry appliances. They are placed under the machines. Apart from reducing the noise, the pads can be used to provide solid floor floating for equipment.

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IV. Put a Heavy Sound Proofing Blanket or Rug Under Your Refrigerator

Soundproofing blankets are perfect for absorbing excess sound from refrigerators. For that reason, buy a soundproofing blanket and lay it beneath your fridge.

When covering your appliance, you don’t need to cover it completely. To control the noise from the fridge, apply the following strategies.

[asa2_img img=”3″ size=”LargeImage” width=”300″ height=”300″ align=”right” show_title=”no” show_button=”no”]B073V5CRQ7[/asa2_img]
  • Lay a blanket on the floor.
  • Place the fridge in the center of the blanket.
  • Tape the free blanket to the sides of the fridge. Be careful not to tape the fridge doors.

Above all, ensure you buy the right blanket. Before the end of this article, we will recommend you the best rugs to buy.

A blanket or a heavy rug function well. You can use either. However, ensure you clean and dry the blanket regularly. This will prevent bad odors from coming from your house.

Best Soundproofing Blankets for Your Refrigerator

The best soundproofing blankets are moving blankets. They are designed for protecting furniture and appliances from damages when transported. Blankets are also useful to soundproof your laundry room, air vents or whole room. Moving blankets are suitable for soundproofing because they are dense. They easily dampen any sound vibrations.

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V. Place Foam Mats Under Your Refrigerator

The foam mats work as insulators. There is no need for construction when using them. The mats contain rubber foam and are resistant to water, oil, and petrol.

Unlike blankets, the foams do not absorb moisture or release odors. They are adhesive and easy under the refrigerators. You can also choose to stick them on the refrigerator sides.

Therefore, buy foam mats from Amazon and reduce the noise from the refrigerator.

The soundproofing Mats are moisture resistant. This makes them a perfect choice for soundproofing refrigerators. The following are the best Foam Mats to buy on Amazon.


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  • Fiberglass material,
  • High noise reduction
  • High-temperature resistance


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  • Waterproof
  • 1/6” Thick Sound Deadener

VI. Clean the Compressor and fans.

Are you wondering how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor? This is the solution. Clean the fans and compressor regularly. Some of the noise coming from the compressor is due to dirt stuck on the refrigerator systems.

Regularly check if the compressor and fans are clean. If it’s not clean and removes all particles in the refrigerator. Also, check the coil. Inspect if it’s working properly. Remember to clean the coil too. Check the video below to clean your refrigerator fans.

VII. Build a Sound Dampening Box for Your Fridge

You can create a strong sound dampening box for your refrigerator. Alternatively, you can hire someone to construct it for you. This technique works well. It dampens all the noises from the fridge. It’s the best option for dampening your fridge instead of buying a new one.

Use timber to construct a strong box. On the side of the box, install other sound absorption or deadening materials.

However, remember to leave the front part of the box open.

VIII. Soundproof Your Fridge from Inside

The easiest way to soundproof your refrigerator from inside would be to use mass loaded vinyl. The vinyl is great sound blocking materials.

Cover the motors. Place the mass loaded vinyl behind the and inside of your fridge. They will deaden all the noises from the fridge. This is an alternative technique for placing the acoustic foams under the fridge.

 IX. Fill In Your Fridge

If your fridge has empty spaces, it will make more noise. The noise will be from compressor turning on and off.

Filling the fridge helps in stabilizing the compressor. This is how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor. The chances of turning on and off are reduced in your fridge.

Adding items on the fridge gives it required weight to stabilize the compressors.

X. Buy A Quieter Fridge

If your refrigerator is old, replace instead of repairing it. Don’t waste money soundproofing an old refrigerator.

When buying a new fridge, choose the most modern fridges. The modern designs have quieter compressors. With this technique, you will have dealt entirely with the fridge noise.

[asa2_img img=”8″ size=”LargeImage” width=”450″ height=”500″ align=”right” show_title=”no” show_button=”no”]B07RYSDS5F[/asa2_img]

You won’t be worrying about how to stop the refrigerator from buzzing.

Final Words

The question of how to quiet a noisy refrigerator should not be a concern to you anymore. All you need to do is first understand the noise your fridge is making.

If you know the nature of noise coming from your fridge, it will be easier for you to choose the right soundproofing technique. You can choose to soundproof the outside or inside part of the fridge. Alternatively, you can build a soundproofing box.

However, if the above techniques do not work stabilize the compressor by filling it with items. But if that still does not work on your fridge, go ahead and buy a new one. Newer fridge models have a quieter compressor. Say goodbye to noise.

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