7 Best Ways To Reduce Bass Noise From Neighbours

Noisy neighbour playing loud music at night

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Living with neighbors is not always easy. Though not all neighbors are bad, you will always get that one neighbor who gives the whole neighborhood sleepless nights. It’s irritating, especially when you get noisy neighbors.

To be specific, you won’t like a neighbor with a noisy bass system in their home. When they play their music, you cannot concentrate on your own home.

We have previously suffered from this problem. We had a young neighbor who could play music all night. Sometimes he could host parties in his own home. So you can imagine the level of noise we were experiencing.

But since we learned on techniques to reduce bass noise, we are not bothered by neighbors bass anymore. In this article, we will discuss with you techniques that we found helpful in our home. Apply them and enjoy the tranquility of your home.

Angry woman suffering neighbour noise

Why Does Loud Bass Irritate than Melody Music Sound?

Bass sound has a full impact. It can be playing at a low volume, but the effect could be felt. Bass causes vibrations that travel through solid structures.

Even the deaf can experience the noise sensation of loud bass.

Therefore, reducing bass noise is a real test. You can’t soundproof it just like any other noise. Strong soundproofing materials are needed to ensure the bass effect is reduced.

7 Techniques to apply and reduce the bass noise from your neighbors.

1. Before Trying Any Soundproofing, Technique Talk to Your Neighbours

To be honest, no one likes it when their peace is disturbed. Soundproofing is an easy option, but it’s not always on your budget. It will cost you time and money to reduce the bass noise from your neighbors. You might even be required to consult a technician.

Therefore, before doing any the sound reduction exercise, try and talk to your neighbors. This is the simplest technique. If your neighbors are reasonable, they will reduce the noise from their end. They can choose to stop playing loud bass, or they can soundproof their home.

This technique, we understand that it can be difficult. It can be more difficult, especially for introverts. But it’s worth giving a try.

Technique Talk to Your Neighbours

Try your best to find the neighbor in person. Try and explain to them how their noise is affecting your peace. Request them to reduce their noise or soundproof. But if you choose to approach your neighbor, be polite. Don’t let anger and the adrenaline overtake you. If both of you disagree, don’t engage them in any way. Just leave them and know that there are difficult people to deal with.

If you cannot talk directly to your neighbors, speak to the Landlord or caretaker. Send them to talk to the neighbor and try to reason with them. Sometimes Neighbors might not respect yo, but they will listen to the property manager or the Landlord.

If your neighbor agrees to reduce the bass noise, you will be okay now. But if your neighbor refuses to agree on your request, go ahead and soundproof your home. No need to keep on fighting with neighbors over petty issues. It will affect you, but your peace is more important than fighting with an unreasonable neighbor.

2. Hang Soundproofing Curtain or Blankets on Your Doors and Windows

Soundproofing doors and windows are the most effective technique to reduce noise from outside. The doors and windows have air gaps that allow sound to pass through them.

Your focus should, therefore, be to seal all air gaps and block any sound from outside. To soundproof your door, use the soundproofing blankets or curtains. They work best than any other soundproofing material.

Hang Soundproofing Curtain

Soundproofing curtains and blanket they are dense. They do not allow bass sound to cause disturbances in the house. Hang the curtains and blankets like you would hang normal curtains.

Buy either of the following curtains or blankets from Amazon today and say goodbye to loud bass from your neighbors.


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3. Soundproof the Door Spaces with A Dampening Door Seal

This method is the cheapest but yet among the most effective for reducing bass noise from outside. You can buy the seal on Amazon and fix it on yourself. Below are systematic steps to install the dampening seal on the door.

  • Measure the width and height of your bathroom door.
  • Use a handsaw to cut the weather-stripping into correct sizes.
  • Place the cut strips to seal the door.
  • Cover the gaps from inside. Covering from outside will make your door look ugly.

This technique will reduce the noise from outside. However, if you don’t like it, other techniques can be used on dampening the door. Keep reading.

Buy the following seals on Amazon.

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4. Install Draft Stopper Under the Door Foot

Your door has to close and open smoothly. This is why there is a gap between the floor and the door. However, the same gap allows sound from the bass noise to bring disturbance into the house.

Draft Stopper Under the Door Foot

The larger the gap, the more noise it’s going to allow through the door.

Bring an end to this problem. Buy a draft stopper on Amazon and fix it under the door. The stoppers are also called door sweeps.

When installed under the door they slide nicely over carpets, wooden, and laminate floors. They leave no marks or scratches on the floor.

Check the following sweeps on Amazon

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5. Install Acoustic Foam on the Walls

Acoustic foam panels are specifically designed for music rooms. They will absorb all bass vibrations passing through the wall.

Acoustic foam panels absorb all noise that bounces off the wall. The foams also soften all sound in the house. It also improves your home acoustics.

We have tried and tested the following acoustic foams. They work perfectly on reducing bass noise from our neighbors.

Check our tested foams on Amazon.

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6. Soundproof Your Floor and Ceiling If You are Living In an Apartment

Bass sound vibrates solid structures. If you are living in an apartment, the neighbor below and above, you can give you sleepless nights. When neighbors play music, you will hear the bass in your house through the floor or the ceiling.

Soundproof Your Floor

A strong bass will be able to vibrate your own house. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, soundproof the floors or the ceilings.

Install sound absorption materials on the floor or the ceiling. Apply the following techniques.

Lay Down Heavy Rugs on the Floor

Heavy rugs absorb the bass vibration. They will prevent any noise that has passed through the floors from causing a disturbance in the room. Buy thick mats. They are more efficient than light rugs. The heavier the carpet, the better the results.

Install soundproofing Blankets or Acoustic Foams on the Ceiling

Acoustic foams and soundproofing blankets will work well on your ceiling. They will be able to reduce all vibrations and noise bass noise from the room above you.

If the bass noise is strong, use the acoustic foams. They will work better than the soundproofing blankets. However, if the bass noise is not too much, the soundproofing blankets will work perfectly.

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7. Use Bass Traps

Bass traps are devices that capture noise from going through the walls. Bass traps are effective in dampening sound in a house.

The traps absorb low-frequency noise and vibration produced by the neighbors bass. Using them, it’s easy. You can buy them on Amazon and place them in your house corners. That will be enough to trap the bass noise coming from outside.

Check the following bass traps. They will help you solve the problem you are experiencing today.

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Should I Call the Police When My Neighbors Play Loud Music

Calling police is an option, but we don’t recommend it. We know this is the first thing that comes in mind when you are watching a movie, and all of sudden someone plays irritating bass. Or when you are trying to take a nap and music blows your house.

Calling police will bring hatred between you and your neighbors. Having peace of mind is more important.

Therefore, if your neighbors cannot hear when you talk to them, just soundproof. Block the bass noise from entering your home. Live in peace.

You can only call the police when your neighbors are abusive. Let’s say for example you asked them to reduce the noise politely and they turned on you. If they try to insult or beat you or abuse you in any other way, call the police.

Final Words

We have seen people who deal with bass noise from neighbors in the wrong way. A couple once told us how they bought a powerful bass than their neighbors. Every time their neighbors played loud music, they also played loudest until their neighbors switch off their bass. This is not wise at all. Be sensitive to other neighbors who are not playing loud music. Just soundproof your home and forget about the noise.

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