Best Quietest Pool Pumps: Top 6 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Quietest Pool Pumps

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Swimming pools are a perfect escape when you want to exercise or relax. When summer temperatures are high, you can’t help but enjoy swimming.

To enjoy your time in the pool, your water needs to clean and fresh. Thanks to pool pumps. They keep on pumping and filtering the water.

However, these pumps can be a nuisance. Some are noisy than others.

In this article, we will share with you the top 6 quietest pool pumps in the market today. But if you don’t have time to read through the 6 pumps reviews, here is our top pick. Buy it on Amazon today and enjoy your quiet pumping.

Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump

Here is a powerful pump with all the features needed to pump and clean your pool. Its construction ensures durability, easy of maintenance, and quiet operations. And as if that’s not enough, you can adjust the speed of your pumping.

This is a pump that will give you all the performance you have been looking for. It’s available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy it on Amazon.

How we picked these top 6 quiet pool pumps?

How we picked these top 6 quiet pool pumps?

The main role of a water pump is to clear and clean your water. So, to achieve this, a pool pump must completely filter your water at least once a day. The turnover rate should be large enough to turn over your pool’s full volume at least once every day.

In the market, there are many pumps. Some are noisy, while others are quiet. Some pumps claim to perform well, but in the real sense, these pumps are not worth any investment.

With all that, it becomes a difficult task to pick the best quiet pool pump.

But that shouldn’t be a concern to you anymore. We have gone the extra mile and selected the top 6 quiet pool pumps to buy today.

To settle with these 6 pool pumps, we first considered critical factors that are needed for a pump to function well. The performance of the pumps was the first thing we looked at. The other thing was the power and durability of these pumps.

Most importantly, we considered the noise level of the pool pumps.

We understand that some pumps claim to have all of the above factors, but not all deliver them. So, we went further and checked different customer reviews to determine which pump is most preferred among the customer.

In the end, we settled on the following 6 pumps. When you pick any of these pumps, you will get the best performance.

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Reviews of 6 Best Quiet Pool Pumps in 20122

Quiet Pool Pumps

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Operates quietly
  • Ideal as a pump replacement
  • Comes with heavy-duty cord

1. Blue Wave NE6171B Maxi Replacement Pump

The Blue Wave NE6171B is a powerful pump designed for pools above the ground. It’s a perfect replacement for inefficient and old pumps.

In the market, Blue wave NE6171B is among the top-rated pool pumps.

This is a 110-volt motor, self-priming, and a 1.5-hp pump. It doesn’t require manual priming before its operation.

The water for your pool is stored in a sump pit, which is piped to the pump’s suction side. However, for the effectiveness of pumping, it’s advisable to check the basket strainer if it has enough water before pumping.

The construction of the pump is made of a durable polymer that doesn’t rust or corrode. This strong material gives an edge against conventional metal pumps which corrodes easily due to chlorine-treated water.

The construction material adds to the life span of the pump.

And when you think of capacity, Blue Wave NE6171B pump can suck and deliver water at a speed of 62GPM at the height of 20 ft. This is great pumping power that will ensure your pool is supplied with fresh water at all times.

The pump has 2- ports with a design of 1 ½ Inch diameter. These are the suction and discharge ports. As a result, you can mount it either in a vertical or horizontal connection in a short time.

Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump

Key Features

  • Operates quietly – you won’t notice the pump when it’s operating
  • Above-ground pump
  • Powerful 1.5-hp motor

2. Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump

Here is another effective and high performing above ground pool pump. It’s affordable and yet efficient. When compared to other high performing brands, the pump offers excellent pumping for its price.

For durability, it uses heavy-duty and corrosion-proof material. Inside the pump is a stainless steel motor shaft that has been designed to withstand harsh conditions. It doesn’t corrode even when the chlorine levels in the water are high.

A reinforced thermoplastic body adds to the motor’s toughness. So, when you buy a Harris pump, you will use it for many years.

The fact that this is among the quietest pumps in the market is a reason you should consider buying it today. When it’s running, you won’t notice it.

If you have a permanent pool, install it, and enjoy a quiet pumping.

When it comes to using, the pump is easy to use. It has a transparent strainer lid. You can see when the pump needs to be emptied or serviced.

Harris pump also comes with a twist and lock system. So, to get it in and out becomes an easy task.

In short, this is an effective pump that you should consider buying for your above ground pool. Its silent operation is one of the benefits you will enjoy it.

Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-12-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump

Key Features

  • Operates quietly
  • Quality material for its construction
  • Ease of installation
  • Auto-start and shut off feature

3. Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump

Hayward SP1580X15 is among the top above-ground pumps. It’s a 115-volt rated, 1.5-hp pump. This is a pump that comes with heat-proof seals. Because of its double-size and the seals, it’s rated as one of the best dip-proof pumps in the market.

The pump is resistant to tear and wear that prolongs its lifespan.

If you have a huge pool, this is the pump to buy. It’s designed for commercial purposes. It has a debris basket that can hold up to 118cu, in. of debris. This means the pump can work in a busy pool with minimum maintenance. As a result, you will save more money on the electric bill.

The thermoplastic housing of the pump it’s the reason it operates quietly than most of the other pumps you will find in the market.

The power of the pump is 91GPM at the height of 21 feet. With its durable strainer, the pump collects all stones, leaves, and debris passing through its 1 ½ Inch suction intake.

Other features you will find in this pump include the self-oiling bearings, which contribute to efficiency, durability, and quiet operation.

The Auto shut off features make the pump safe to operate. When the current from the grid fluctuates or its overloading, the system automatically shuts down.

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High-Performance Single Speed Pool Pump

Key Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Thick-walled body parts
  • Oversized strainer basket for more debris
  • Self-priming pump

4. Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High-Performance Single Speed Pool Pump

Here is a superior pump compatible with Suntouch, Easytouch, and Intellitouch pool control systems. This means you can connect your Pentair 340039 pump to your system for full control operation. Also, the system, you can easily access the diagnostic of your pump in case of any defect.

One of the benefits of having a pump compatible with pool systems is that you will be alerted in case of power surges, failure, freezing, overheating, or any other possible issue in your pump. It gives extra control over your pool pumping.

In short, Pentair is a safe pump that will keep pumping your pool water for longer without any worry. You will identify any issue before it affects your pool.

It’s a 4-speed pump that will help you save on energy consumption. You can select the speed of pumping you would want. This is unlike the other single-speed pool pumps.

And if noise is a concern, the pump is one of the quietest you will find in the market. You can easily turn the pump on and off as you would wish, change speed, and choose the pump operation. The average pump sound is 45 decibels, which are completely unnoticeable.

Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump

Key Features

  • Operates quietly
  • Known for high performance and reliability
  • A see-through strainer covers
  • Oversized debris basket

5. Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump

Hayward Super Pump is a cost-effectiveness technologically advanced pump with strong and durable construction. It’s a pump that has set the standards for excellence and value with its products. The pump is designed for all sizes and types of inground spas and pools.

Super pump’s impeller has a high flow rate with lesser horsepower than most of the pumps found in the market today. As a result, you can easily save on electricity since your pump will run on less energy.

The 100 cubic inch basket holds much debris, which increases the in-between cleaning time. It also has a rigid construction that enables it to take heavy debris. The load extender ribbing, on the other hand, ensures a free-flow operation.

Also, the designer of the pump makes it easy to remove the pump’s strainer.

And for easy of cleaning, the strainer has a see-thru cover. You can easily look and find out whether the basket is full of debris without the need for opening the strainer box time over time.

All the parts of the pump are made with PermaGlass that ensures durability and long life. The material is corrosion and rustproof.

If you are looking for an excellent and quiet pump, Hayward super pump is the deal.

Hayward W3SP3202VSP Pool Pump

Key Features

  • Operates quietly and efficiently
  • Variable speed
  • Low energy consumption

6. Hayward W3SP3202VSP Pool Pump

If your residential area has noise or laws regarding energy consumption, then this is the pump you should be looking for. It’s a pump that will conserve your energy, and operate quietly. And don’t be misled to think because its quiet its not effective. The pump is extremely quiet and yet powerful.

Hayward W3SP3202VSP is an energy star certified pool pump. It complies with all relevant industry regulations.

To prevent overheating, the magnetic motor is sealed and cooled with a quiet fan.

The built-in timer brings an auto turn-on and shut-off when needed. These two unique factors come together to save money and create an efficient long-term pump function. It only turns on and off when necessary.

The pump is expensive to buy, but when it comes to maintenance and cost of operations, its one of the cheapest. If your concern is the overall cost of water pumping, here it’s a pump that you should buy for your pool.

Types of Pool Pumps Available in The Market

Types of Pool Pumps Available in The Market

Pool pumps come with different features and functionalities. All these bring the difference in the pumps you will find in the market.

Currently, the pool pumps are classified into three major categories. They are classified according to their speed.

  1. Single-Speed Pumps

The single-pump has a motor that spins the pump impeller at one speed. The speed of the motor depends on the pump’s horsepower (hp).

Most of these pumps are slower. So, if you want to replace your pump, we recommend you to consider buying a dual-speed or high pool pump. However, before doing that, you need to check pool pump regulation in your state.

  1. Dual-Speed Pumps

As the name suggests, these are pumps with two speeds. It has a high and low speed. The high speed in most cases is equal to the speed of the single-speed pump. It’s the maximum speed as per the pump’s horsepower.

The lower speed uses lesser energy and delivers a lower water turnover. So, depending on your volume, you might require to pump the water at a speed that you wish to.

  • Variable-Speed Pumps

These are pumps that are more efficient than single or dual-speed pumps. Their cost is also higher.

Instead of using a specific speed power, the pump has a variable speed control. It uses a permanent magnet motor like the one found in the cars. They also produce less friction than other types of motors. The lesser the friction, the higher the performance efficiency.

The pumps also use lesser power and have a higher water turnover.

You can control the speed of water pumping. As a result, they are effective in managing the noises coming from your pump.

Things to consider before buying a pool pump

Things to consider before buying a pool pump

As mentioned, when you look into the market, you will find many options for pool pumps to pick from. Whether you go to a pool store in person or check on Amazon, you will find different pumps available.

But before investing your money on any of the pool you find, there are some critical factors you need to consider. Here are the factors.

Your Pool Size

Before buying any pool pump, you need to understand the size of your pool pump. Not every pump will work in any pool. If you get a pump that can’t filter your water well, you will reduce its lifespan.

So, focus on getting a pool pump that can pump and clean your water without straining.


Your pool water should be pumped once every 8 to 10 hours. Therefore, get a pump with a speed that can handle and drain your water within that timeline.

If your pump can’t handle that amount of water, you will be wearing it down. So, get to understand the size of your pool and buy a pump with a speed that can pump it within the specified timing.

Noise Level

Some pool pumps are louder than others. If you live in a neighborhood with noise regulations, you might have to look for a quiet pump. Besides, no one loves operating a noisy pump.


Every brand comes with its features. But most importantly, you should ensure you buy a pool pump with easy to use features. A good pump will have all the capabilities to pump your water from the pool.


For sure, this should be the last thing you think of when it comes to buying a quiet pool pump. Pumps cost differently. So, it’s wise to settle on a pump you can afford.

And when you think about budget, don’t just focus on the initial purchase price. Consider the cost of operation.

Final Verdict

By now, we hope you have selected the best pool pump. Any of the six pumps will do an excellent job. But if you are not sure which pump to pick, we have no doubt recommending to you our top pick. Buy Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pumpand you enjoy a quiet pumping.

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