What is The Best Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches? Top 5 Reviewed

Best Quietest Mechanical Keyboard

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If you have ever lived near a noise keyboard, you understand how it can be irritating. The noise doesn’t only affect the people around you, but also yourself. But if that bothers you, buy a silent mechanical keyboard.

In this article, I will share with you top five mechanical keyboards that you need to buy today. But if you don’t have time to read the entire article, I will tell you which keyboard to buy.

Old Model Ergo Pro for Windows

This is a keyboard designed into halves to give you comfort and convenience of typing. Most importantly the keyboard is super quiet. But it today on Amazon and say goodbye to typing noises.

What is the quietest mechanical keyboard switch?

Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The major disadvantage of mechanical keyboards is the noise. The continuous clicking of the keyboard can be loud and irritating. If you work or game around people you will constantly get into problem with them.

Thankfully, now there is a solution to this problem.

Most of the quiet mechanical keyboards have keyboard switches that reduces the noises you will experience with the noises coming from the keyboard.

Now there are keyboards offering quitter features making typing experience on another level. With the switches, you will experience less noises whether you are writing emails, playing your game, or writing a computer code.

How to choose a Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switch? What to consider?

How to choose a Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switch What to consider

The mechanical keyboard you choose will either detract or enhance your performance. So, it’s essential to first understand what you need before settling on any mechanical keyboard you will find in the market.

Whether you are looking for a mechanical keyboard for typing codes, emails, or gaming, the following are key factors that you need to consider.

  • Noise

With no doubt, noise should be your factor number one. Mechanical keyboards are known to be noisy. However, innovations have come to deal with the noise challenges.

The noise of the keyboard is determined by the material used to make it. Other factors that concerns the noise include the switches used on the key.

Choose a keyboard that can give you minimum noises. Check the keyboards recommended in this article and buy one.

  • Lifespan

How long can the keys last? This determines the lifespan of a keyboard. Mechanical keyboards have a lifespan of from 30 million keystrokes to over 100 million keystrokes.

As you choose your mechanical keyboard, buy the one with the most mechanical keystrokes.

  • Durability

Some mechanical keyboards are more durable than other. Don’t confuse the keyboard durability with the its lifespan. A durable keyboard should withstand falls and drops or even tumbles down staircases.

  • Size and Layout

The layout of the keyboard will determine its usability. Some mechanical keyboards have both media and numerical keys while other do not have a full sized keyboard.

Depending on your needs, you might find a full keyboard is not necessary. Like for example as a gamer, you don’t need numerical keys. If you are a writer, a full sized keyboard with all keys is essential.

Therefore, before you settle on any keyboard, first understand your needs. Know why you need a particular keyboard.

Top 5 Reviews of Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches in 2019

If you have been wondering which mechanical keyboard switches you need, here are top five keyboard available on Amazon. Buy one today and say goodbye to noises.

Key Features

  • Two equal halves
  • 3 USB ports
  • Quiet linear switches
  • Handle speed of up to 225 words per minute

1. Old Model Ergo Pro for Windows

Ergonomic keyboards have been a kind of error and try for many companies. Most brands have tried their best with little or no success. But this is not the Matia Ergo Pro Keyboard.

The old model Ergo pro is a keyboard that comes with two equal halves of keyboard. The keyboard is split to enforce correct hand placement on the main keys. The two halves are connected together by a 3.5mm cable.

One of the benefit of Ergo Pro keyboard is the fact that it keeps the keyboard width at minimum but at the same time include all keys needed on it.

The keyboard can be connected to a PC by a micro USB cable. The keyboard also comes with other three USB ports that for connecting additional devices like USB drives, mice, or game controllers.

For those who are bothered by keyboard noises, this is the keyboard to buy. It uses the Matia Quiet linear switches that enhance low and smooth force feel. The switches are capable of a typing speed of upto 225 words per minute.

The keyboard also comes equipped with legs to support tenting and tilting. The keyboard can also be used on a flat surface.

If you are looking for a quiet keyboard that would serve your needs, then buy Ergo Pro keyboard on Amazon.

Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard

Key Features

  • Flexible soft material
  • Quiet Keyboard
  • Super quiet even when typing at a high speed
  • Waterproof and dustproof

2. Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard

There are silent and excellent keyboards in the market, then there is Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, this keyboard will get the task done for you.

Sungwoo keyboard is comfortable, durable and portable.

And if you are looking for a keyboard that would make noises even when typing at fast speed, this is the keyboard to look out for in the market. Below the key is a soft cushion that absorb all noises coming from the keyboard.

For those who love travelling, the keyboard is made of odorless, non-toxic, high elasticity silicone gel. When working, you won’t also have to worry about water or any spill overs. The keyboard is dustproof and waterproof. Food or any other sticky items can easily be cleaned from the keyboard.

You can connect the keyboard to a PC, Notebook, or laptop using a simple wired USB connection.

Check the latest price and buy the keyboard on Amazon today.

 CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Key Features

  • Strong casing
  • CHERRY MX Silent mechanical keys
  • 8MB profile storage
  • Different color controls

3. CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

You can’t claim to be a fan of gaming if you haven’t used Corsair K70 yet. If you get hold of this keyboard, it will change your gaming experience.

Corsair K70 keyboard is made with the Aircraft grade aluminum frame that can withstand all the pressure coming from games. This is a keyboard that when you start gaming, you won’t have to worry about breaking or any damage.

But the keyboard strength is not the only thing that would keep you glued to the keyboard. It has a CHERRY MX silent mechanical key switches that increases accurancy and reliability. The keyboard has the ability to reduce up to 30% of the total noise from gaming.

It also features a USB pass-through port that give access to other USB port for headset or mouse.

The keyboard is available on Amazon. Check the latest prices and buy it today from Amazon.

HP 435302-001 KB-0316 104 Key Black Silver PS2 Keyboard

Key Features

  • Beautiful black Silver color
  • Cherry MS silent keys
  • Strong casing
  • Affordable

4. HP 435302-001 KB-0316 104 Key Black Silver PS2 Keyboard

What do you say about a keyboard that has been with us for ages. A keyboard that has stood a test of times. Talk of strength and performance.

HP 435301-001 is a silent keyboard that can handle upto 250 words per minute without hanging or developing any problem. The casing is strong to prevent any damage. The keys are flexible and do not get stuck even when the keyboard is old.

And if noise is your issue, the keyboard has Cherry MS silent keys that ensures typing noise is kept at minimum at all time.

With all keys on the keyboard, it can be used for typing and gaming. The size of the keyboard makes it comfortable to use as compared to most of the keyboards in the market. Letters and numbering keys are separated on the corners. This makes the keyboard perfect for people whose main work is typing words or numbers to the computers.

Without doubt, we would recommend this keyboard to you. It’s also affordable and available on Amazon.

Check the price and buy the keyboard from Amazon today.

 Topre SE17T0

Key Features

  • Realforce capacitive Switches
  • 87 keys
  • Super silent
  • Comfortable feel when using the keyboard

5. Topre SE17T0

The feel of Topre SE17TO is different from most of the mechanical keyboards. It will give you the grail you have been looking for a long time. Built with the best technologies and innovation, the keyboard remains silent even when typing at a high speed.

Cherry MX key switches on the keyboard deck makes it one of the most sought keyboards in the market. The keys fell solid when pressed and bounces back upon release – a feeling that users can’t get over it.

And if you need convenience when typing the Keyboard has ability to change the ctrl and caps lock keys by changing the switches at the bottom of the keyboard.

So if you have been looking for a keyboard that would serve you for a long time, then this is the keyboard to buy.

It might seem expensive but the truth is that, you can’t compare this keyboards performance with any other keyboard you find in the market.

Check the latest prices and buy the keyboard from Amazon today.

What’s the advantage of a silent mechanical keyboard switch?

The advantages are unmatched. But one benefit stand over all the others. When you buy a silent mechanical keyboard switch, you will work with all peace you require. You won’t have to worry about getting complains from your neighbors.

The continuous tapping noise won’t affect your work or gaming experience.

Final Verdict

Now you have five keyboards to choose from. Depending on your needs choose what suits you. All these keyboards will give you amazing quiet working experience. With no doubt, we recommend Our Top Pick: Old Model Ergo Pro for Windows to you. With this keyboard you will get everything you have been looking for.

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