Which Are The Best Quietest Cherry MX switches? Top 5 Reviewed

Best Quietest Cherry MX switches

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To say you can do away with mechanical keyboards it would be a lie. They offer speed and convenience of gaming and typing. Underneath each key of a mechanical keyboard is a switch mechanism with various noise, response, and travel times. As a result, they make them the best keyboards for fast typists and gamers.

In this article, we will talk about Cherry MX – the best mechanical keyboard switch available out there.  If you are looking for the best combination of the best keycaps and switches, buy our recommended top pick.

NPKC White Purple Mixed 61 ANSI Keyset

These are durable keysets compatible with most of the Cherry MX Switches. With these caps, you are guaranteed of quiet speed gaming and heavy typing. Buy the switches today on amazon and enjoy what you love doing best at a very high speed.

What is Cherry MX?

What is Cherry MX

Cherry MX  is a switch family released in 1983 for the first time. It’s the most successful keyboard switches ever made. Cherry MX is recommended for gamer or typist looking for fast speed with minimal resistance. The switch has a tactile bump that overcomes the pressure exerted on it under very high speed.

Different Chery MX switches are marked with different colors.

Cherry MX Red: It can take an actuation force of up to 45g with points of 2mm and travel distance of 4mm. The switch is quiet with over 50 million keystroke lifespan.

Cherry MX Black: Accommodates an actuation force of 60g at a point of 2mm with a total travel distance of 4mm. It’s a quiet switch with 50 million keystrokes lifespan.

Cherry MX Blue: This is a switch that feels heavy and accommodates actuation force of 60 g with 2mm pint and a travel distance of 4mm. Its louder than other MX switches and has a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes per key.

Cherry MX Brown: It’s similar to the Cherry MX Red.

Cherry MX Speed: Similar to MX red the only difference its 1.2mm actuation point.

In short, Chery MX is a keyboard switch that gives impressive performance and silence to games and typists.

How to choose the best Quietest Cherry MX key switches?

How to choose the best Quietest Cherry MX key switches

Majorly, there are three things you need to consider when choosing the best quietest Cherry MX Keyswitches. Here are the factors.

Auditory Feedback: This is the ‘click’ sound you hear when you press the keys. It determines the level of noise coming from your switch.

Tactile Feedback: Consider the feeling of every keypress. Some switches have a smooth typing feel while others have a ‘bump’ feel.

Force Needed: The force needed to activate the switch, which is measured in grams. The switches with a lesser force usually are faster to activate. Hence the reason for the differences in the speed of different Cherry MX switches.

Best Quietest Cherry MX switches

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Key Features

  • Linear switches for smooth typing experience.
  • Cherry Mx Mechanical key switches
  • 87 keys layout features
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

1. Leopold FC750R PD

Leopold has been known for fantastic quality. The company has been around for long time now in the mechanical keyboard industry.

Leopold FC750R PD feels solid and nice in the hands as you’d expect. They have 2 keycaps sculpture making it comfortable to work on. On bottom, there are rubber feet for non-slipp and two flip-up feet with rubber tips.

It also comes with dip switches which allow modifications on the board. Switch 1 swaps the caps lock and left control. The switches make the keyboard perfect for a great gaming experience. Keys can be switched conveniently to bring extra fan to the game.

Underneath the keycaps, there is Cherry MX Black’s switch that comes in Blue, black, brown, silent red, red, silver, clear, and black colors.

In short, the Leopold FC750R PD combines class and quality with solid engineering and clean design. It’s a multi-purpose keyboard that can be used by various users. What you see on the Keyboard is what you get.

Check the latest price and buy the keyboard on Amazon.

Dolch Color DSA 145 keys PBT

Key Features

  • Radium vulture keycaps
  • Cherry MX switch
  • Wired and engineered for an amazing gaming experience
  • White in color

2. Dolch Color DSA 145 keys PBT

DSA Dolch is one of the old bestselling keysets. It features excellent color for a classic mechanical keyboard. This is a keyboard that will take you back to the thrill and excitement of early computing.

To make it quiet, the Keyboard is equipped with Radium vulture Keycap Cherry MX switch.

The keyboard includes 108 standard ANSI keys with an additional 37 keycaps compatibility.

When typing the keys feel so solid with a crisp and confident typeface. The plastic casing and the weight of the keyboard dramatically reduce the sound produced by the keyboard.

All the keys fit perfectly over the keyboard and do not require addition shims or modifying after purchase. Once you buy the keyboard you will only think about the quality that the keyboard brings your way.

With its flexibility and superior quality, the keyboard is perfect for gaming purposes. It has all keys well placed to ensure it gives consistent and undisrupted gaming experience.

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard, buy Dolch Color DSA 145 keys PBT on Amazon today.

NPKC Blank Customized 61 87 104 ANSI Keyset

Key Features

  • ANSI Keysets
  • Strong and durable Keycaps of 1.5mm
  • Super quiet
  • Affordable

3. NPKC Blank Customized 61 87 104 ANSI Keyset

Every day you will find new mechanical keysets in the market. Some will promise to give the best performance. But in modern mechanical keysets world, there is no Keyset like the Thick PBT Keycap.

It has everything you could be looking for. It has a keycaps link with no keyboard included on it. The OEM is set higher than the typical Cherry profile. This is an added benefit that the keyset will give its users.

It comes with ANSI Keyset with a thick PBT Keycap. To maintain noise level the keyboard is suitable for use with silent Cherry MX Switches.

And if your concern is durability, the PBT keyset has keycaps of 1.5mm thickness. It can withstand falls or any high impact drop without getting damaged.

And if that’s not enough, PBT has brought the price of their keyboard down. You don’t have to break a bank to acquire it. Important to mention that it maintains it’s high quality performance even when it comes at a very low price.

If your concern is getting a keyboard that would serve all of your needs at a low price, then buy PBT today. Check current price and buy it on Amazon.

NPKC OEM PBT Keycaps Vintage Style Duke Red Laser

Key Features

  • Vintage Style
  • Cherry MX Switch and also compatible with Gateron switch
  • Super quiet
  • 61 keys

4. NPKC OEM PBT Keycaps Vintage Style Duke Red Laser

If you understand the difference keycaps, you will definitely get to love NPKC. Keycaps are made of thick plastic materials.

In the world of Keycaps, there ABS and PBT keycaps. The PBT, with no doubt, is the most superior. It’s durable and stiffer. The caps stay true to their color. Over time they do not develop a shinny look like ABS keycaps would do.

All these benefits are presented to you in a vintage style by NPKC keycaps.

Besides the excellent keycap quality, you will also like the fact that it has a Cherry MX Switch, and Kailh Switch. The keycaps are also compatible with Geteron switch.

For vintage, it features Black, Beige and Red combinations.

The keycaps are available on Amazon. Check the latest price and buy it today.

NPKC OEM PBT Keycaps Vintage Style Duke Red Laser

Key Features

  • Compatible with most of MX switches
  • Super quiet
  • Durable and strong PBT material

5. NPKC White Purple Mixed 61 ANSI Keyset

Here are keysets that would give your keyboard a fantastic look. The sets are available separately and not sold together with the keyboard.

There are 61 ANSI key made of durable PBT material with a fantastic thickness of 1.5mm. The whole set is OEM which is higher than the ordinary Cherry profile.

On your keyboard, the keycaps can be used for Kailh Mx, Gateron MX, Cherry MX and all other MX switches available in the market. However, the caps are not compatible with Cherry Keyboard whose space bar are clicky for the thick PBT keycaps.

When you buy the keycaps on Amazon, you are allowed to return for replacement if you found any of the broken keys.

Get the keycaps today on Amazon.

What are the different Cherry MX switches?

What are the different Cherry MX switches

As mentioned earlier, Cherry MX switches are distinguished by their colors. Each color represents a different type of Chery MX switches and their function. Here are different switches as highlighted earlier.

  • Cherry MX Red

This is a switch for games looking for fast playing with minimal resistance. It doesn’t have a tactile bump in the middle. The switch lacks feedback tactile hence the reason it’s not suitable for typists.

  • Cherry MX Black

It’s a  switch designed explicitly for fast-paced gaming. It has more resistance than Cherry MX Red. Its linear feature makes it ideal for spamming fast-paced titles in a gaming set up.

  • Cherry Blue

The separated slider construction on Cherry Mix Blue gives highest tactile feedback as compared to all other Cherry MX switches. As a result, it’s one of the best switches for typists. However, it makes more noises making it unsuitable for fast-paced gaming.

  • Cherry MX Brown

If you are looking for a switch with a perfect bled for gaming and typing, then this is the switch you need to have. It’s so far considered to be the best middle-ground switch available in the market. It’s silent, has tactile bump and has a minimum actuation force.

  • Cherry MX Speed

As the name suggests, it’s a fast-paced gaming switch. It’s the only switch that is not categorized by its color. It comes in grey and competes with other modern switch types with excellent actuation points.

Final Verdict

The type of Cherry MX switch you choose would determine a lot on the performance of your Keyboard. If you select a slow and noisy switch, you will have no one to blame for it.

By now, you should be aware of the best Cherry Switch and Keysets to choose for your gaming or typing needs. If you are not sure yet, choose either of the keysets discussed in this article.

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