How to make a fidget spinner quieter

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When stressed or tired, we look for something to relieve the pressure. Luckily, fidget spinners do this perfectly. Having it on your working desk or pocket gives you the convenience of spinning it anytime.

Unfortunately, some spinners can increase your stress level. This is especially when they are noisy. You can’t concentrate or feel relieved if the spinner makes a lot of noise.

But this should be the case. You can apply simple techniques and make your spinner quiet.

In this article, we will share with you simple ways to make your spinner quieter. But before we begin, lets first understand why the spinners themselves will make noises.

Why Does Your Spinner Make Noise?

Why Does Your Spinner Make Noise

You might be wondering where the noise on your spinner could be coming from. Probably, when you bought your spinner, you didn’t think it will make any noise. So, you just bought any spinner from the market.

If you have found yourself in this situation, you are not alone.

Some spinners are noisy. The sound you will hear from your spinner comes from the spinner bearings. There are fidget spinners that have a noisy bearing. Others, the noise comes with time.

Most people who buy fidget spinners do not realize the importance of choosing the right bearing and the construction material.

When the bearing makes some sound, and the construction material of the spinner amplifies it, the noise becomes unbearable. Instead of your bearing offering comfort to you, it turns out to be a disaster.

When choosing a fidget spinner, focus on getting a spinner with a smaller bearing. Also, ensure that it’s a stainless-steel bearing. These bearings have reduced contact with the bearing races. As a result, you won’t hear any noise

In short, buy a bearing made with a hybrid material. This will make the spin of smoother and hence reduce the noises you will hear from your bearing.

Also, get fidget spinners without shields or lube. These help in removing dirt from the bearing to deal with the noises you hear.

Other causes of noisy fidget spinners are dirt and debris that accumulate in the spinner’s bearing.

Simple Ways to Make Your Fidget Spinner Quiet

How to make a fidget spinner quieter

A noisy spinner is annoying. Instead of relaxing you, it adds more to your stress. If your fidget spinner is making noises do the following things to make it quieter.

1. Clean the Fidget Spinner Bearing

As mentioned, most of the noises you will hear from your spinner comes from the bearings. The noise increases if there is an accumulation of dirt and debris on the bearing.

The only way to deal with the noises related to unclean bearings is to clean them. To clean the bearing, follow the procedure below.

Remove the Cap: Use a screwdriver to open your spinner cap. Ensure you use the right screwdriver that won’t damage the screws on your gadget.

Clean the Bearing: Place the bearing on a clean surface. Using a soft brush, clean all dirt you see on the bearing. Ensure your fidget remains clean.

2. Lubricate Your Bearing

You will hear other noises that are a result of excess friction on the bearing. So, when cleaning your bearing, inspect it.

Check whether it’s well lubricated. If it’s not, put some oil in the bearing.

Using your preferred oil, put a few drops at the center of the bearing. This should be done after removing the cap from your spinner.

After putting the drops of oil, spin it to distribute the oil equally on the bearing. Once you feel the bearing rotating normally, return the cap on the spinner to prevent it from accumulating dust and other objects.

Also, ensure you wipe your spinner clean to remove excess oil on the fidget spinner.

  • Buy A Quiet Fidget Spinner

The best way to deal with the noise problem is to buy a quiet fidget from the start. In the market, you will find spinners that uses a quiet technology. Though they might cost a little higher than the other spinners, the price will be worth the experience.

The following are the top best silent fidget spinners you will find in the market today.

Rainbow Anti-anxiety Fidget Spinner

This is a small bearing fidget spinner made of copper material. It’s easily portable due to its small size. You can comfortably place it in your pocket and use it anytime you would wish to.

The design and color of the fidget spinner are unique. Itself, it will relax your mind by just having a look at it. If you feel stressed or unoccupied, you can pull it out and relieve your stress.
And the best part is that this fidget will spin silently. You won’t easily notice it when it’s spinning.

Key Features

  • Quiet Fidget
  • Gives a rainbow effect when spinning
  • Offers a good balance

The fidget is available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy it now.

Trianium Fidget Spinner

Trianium Fidget spinner is suitable for both children and adults. It will reduce your stress, increase your concentration and allow you to be awake for longer. It’s also simple and easy to use.

Its design gives a beautiful and smooth surface that feels nice to touch. It also comes with perfect weight and size making it fit perfectly in your pocket. You can easily use it at any place at any time.

Its bearing is optimized to reduce the noises that could come from the bearing.

Key Features

  • It has a longer turn
  • Offers good balance
  • It glows in the dark

The fidget is available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy the device from Amazon today.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Fidget Spinner

make a fidget spinner quieter

The following are the key things you need to put in mind when buying a silent fidget spinner from the market.

Size and Weight

The size of the spinner is very important. You need to buy a portable spinner. Best spinners can fit in the pocket and carry around.

It should also be lightweight to make it comfortable and easy to move around with.


Ensure you get fidget spinners with smaller bearing. They should also spin faster. The right bearing will ensure that there is no much friction you will hear from the spinner. As a result, it will relieve you better.


Without a say, fidgets come at different prices. You need to buy a spinner that is within your budget. Don’t break a bank to buy a spinner you can’t afford.


Its construction materials will determine the durability of a spinner. Your spinner will fall time over time.  Ensure you buy a device with material that won’t break easily.

Parting Shot

Once you identify the reason why your spinner is making noises, it will be easier to fix it. Either the bearing is dirty or not lubricated. To deal with these noises, you need to clean and lubricate the spinner bearing.

But if this doesn’t solve the problem, you should buy a silent fidget spinner. Feel free to buy any of the spinners we have recommended in this article. These spinners will give you amazing effects.

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