Why is my Mac making a whirring noise? Here’s a Fix

Why is my Mac making a whirring noise

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There are several reasons why you might hear some noises coming from your mac. These noises are signs of issues that need a fix once you hear the noise.

The following are the most common reasons why your Mac will make a whirring noise. In every case, we will discuss how to fix the problem.

Apple T2 Security Chip

1. Apple T2 Security Chip

When you plug your Mac and turn it on, it might make a loud whirring noise. This is a common problem experienced by Mac users. The noise is a safety sign that alerts you that there is a problem with your computer.

Most modern Macs have the Apple T2 Security Chip. When the power button is pressed at the same time that you have plug the charger to the Mac, your computer enters into full speed. As a result, the fans make more noises when it’s rotating at the highest speed.

This is a security measure that is put in place to encourage safe usage of your Mac computer.

How to Fix

Unfortunately, this noise problem is not fixed by restarting your Mac. Even after you have restarted it, you will still experience the same noise.

To fix this problem, you need to resolve the issue by resetting the SMC. Once you do this, your Mac will work as expected.

However, if your Mac doesn’t have a T2 chip, and you still hear the noise, explore another noise issue.

Mac Overheating

2. Mac Overheating

Mac computers have sensors that detect and respond to temperature changes inside the system. As a result, the sensors turn on fans and cool down the components.

Overheating occurs mostly when you overwork your device. These include playing heavy games, compressing HD video, or even indexing a hard drive.

If overheating is the problem, you will hear a rushing whirring noise with additional airflow. The noise you will most hear it when you are in a quiet environment.

Some other sensors in Mac respond to the environmental temperatures. These are temperature changes around your device. The fan turns on and runs fast if the air around your Mac is hot.

How to Fix: Make Sure the Vents Are Not Blocked

Mac overheating is something you need to expect time over time if you are doing heavy gaming or other tasks that strain the processor. Mac will overheat and has to be cooled down. The fans will make noise if they are finding it difficult to cool your device.

Most of the Mac computers have vents that let in cool air and others that expel hot air. To ensure you deal with the problem associated with the fan noise, don’t block the vents.

Inspect your Mac and find where the vents are placed. Ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow to your Mac.

Mac making a whirring noise

3. Dirt or Broken Mac

Dust and debris will block airflow in your Mac. When other parts of your laptop are broken or loose, they will also make it difficult for the computer to operate normally. As a result, you will hear Whirring noises coming from your Mac.

How to Fix

Get a skilled technician to sort this problem for you. A technician will open the laptop and clean all dirt inside. If there is a loose part, they will also be fastened. And if there is a major problem they will be able to tell on what to do next.

Parting Shot

The most common source of the whirring noises you will hear from your Mac come from the fan. But the fans are not the problem. The fan starts and makes noises to notify you of a problem that needs to be fixed.

So, if you hear whirring noises, first start by resetting your SMC. If that doesn’t work, ensure your Mac vents are not blocked. Open them up and let the airflow to your laptop.

However, if neither of these techniques is working, get a technician to open the laptop and fix the problem.

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