How to Soundproof a Door with Household Items

How to Soundproof a Door

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It’s the middle of the night, and you can’t sleep anymore. The noise coming through the door becomes overwhelming. Or probably, you are living in a noisy area, and you don’t have the budget or time to get soundproofing materials.

What do you do? In situations where noises are becoming too much, you might end up calling police on your neighbors. But again, what would you do if the sounds do not come from the neighbors.

We have a solution for you. Soundproof. Use household items to reduce most of the noises coming through your door.

In this article, therefore, we will discuss simple techniques to use household items to soundproof your door.

6 Steps to Soundproof a Door with Household Items

1. First Inspect Your Door

Soundproof a Door with Household Items

Before attempting to use anything over your door, inspect it first. Understand how and why your door is allowing noises to pass through them. When inspecting check out the following factors.

Material Used on the Door: Check and understand the material that has made your door. Each material has its capacity to soundproof or allow noise to pass through it. The best material to use on a door is solid wood. Cardboard and MDF will enable noises to pass through them. Metallic doors, on the other hand, magnify sounds bouncing over the door.

The Design of the Door: Some doors are designed with air spaces. These kinds of doors need to be fully blocked. Any air space on the door will allow noises to pass through them.

Air Gaps: Check your door. Does it have any cracks or air gaps? If you see any light passing through the door, just know that same way, noises will pass through the door.

Inspecting the door will enable you to know the best household item to use over the door. You will be able to choose an item that will give you the best results on soundproofing your door.

2. Use Curtains

The aim of using household items is to soundproof your door at a low cost. Therefore, if noises are passing through your door, use curtains. Hang the curtains over the door.

Curtains will block the air gaps through your door. They will dampen any noise that is passing through the door.

Also, the curtains are soft. They will absorb most of the noises bouncing over your door. As a result, all echoes over the door will be reduced.[asa2_img img=”8″ size=”LargeImage” width=”400″ height=”400″ align=”right” show_title=”no” show_button=”no”]B01CS31NDE[/asa2_img]

For effectiveness, get soundproofing curtains. Soundproofing curtains will give better results as compared to the ordinary curtains.

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Soundproofing curtains are thick. They absorb all the noises. The curtains do not allow any air to pass through them. Together they hold air moving through the door. The trapped air dampens any kind of noise passing over the door.

Therefore, in your home, get curtains and hang them over the door. If you can get thick curtains, use them. You will get better results over the ordinary curtains.

Alternatively, buy soundproofing curtains from Amazon. Different curtains are available at different prices. Besides, there is no major difference with normal curtains in terms of how to hang the curtains. They have grommets or hanging hooks just like the other curtains.

Using curtains is easy and cheap.

For effectiveness, get either of the following curtains from Amazon and start soundproofing your door today.


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  • Two Panels,42 x 84 Inch.

Deconovo Blackout Curtains

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  • Thermal Insulated
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  • Size: 52W x 54L Inch

3. Hang or Pin Blankets Over the Door

If you are looking for a better option than curtains, choose blankets. Blankets are thicker and denser than curtains. As a result, they can dampen more noise than curtains.

More specifically, use moving blankets. Moving blankets are strong, dense, and durable. You can pin them over the door with nails. Alternatively, apply glue to mount them over the door. Moving blankets are sheets that wrap furniture or appliances when moving. Their purpose is to protect the equipment from any damage. This is why they are heavier than normal blanket.[asa2_img img=”3″ size=”MediumImage” width=”300″ height=”300″ align=”right” show_title=”no” show_button=”no”]B01GK6JTFE[/asa2_img]

Use the moving blanket over the doors.

However, if you are looking for more effective blankets, buy soundproofing blankets. These are specifically designed to soundproof offices and homes.

Most of the soundproofing blankets have grommets. You can hang them over your door just like the curtains.

Soundproofing curtains will give better results than the moving and ordinary blanket. Specifically, they dampen all noises passing through them. They also absorb all echoes bouncing over the door. As a result, they improve your house acoustics.

Buy the following soundproofing blankets today and say goodbye to everyday noises.

Buy any of the following blankets from Amazon and soundproof your doorway today.

Sure-Max 12 Moving & Packing Blankets

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  • Installation hardware included

Deluxe Moving Blankets by Chean Cheap Moving Boxes

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  • Ideal for preventing scratches and nicks to furniture
  • Double lock stitching with four square finished corners

4. Use Towels to Cover the Gap Between the Door and Floor

The installation of a door allows it to open and close freely. As a result, a gap is left between the door and the floor. This gap becomes a passage for noise.

To block this area, you can use towels in your home.

If you have old towels that you are not using, place them below the door. Depending with the size of the gap, you can opt to lay down the mats or attach them over the door. Use seal tape or any other adhesive to fix the towel.

First, fold the towel to the size of the gap. Then install it over the door.

Towels are soft enough to allow your door to open. At the same time, the door will not scratch the floor. It will open well over any flooring material.

However, if you wish to get cheap and professional soundproofing for this gap, consider buying door sweeps. The sweeps will cover this area well.

Different door sweeps are available on Amazon. They will block the noise. At the same time, your door will open and close with ease. Their installation is also easy. You buy and fix them below your door.

Door Draft Stopper

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  • Under Door Seal for Exterior/Interior Doors
  • Soundproof Door Bottom
  • Weather Stripping

Evelots Draft Stopper

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  • No cold
  • 36 Inch Foam

5. Use Mattresses

A mattress can dampen most of the noises just like a soundproofing acoustic foam does. Therefore, if you have a mattress in your home, use it over the door. You can opt to cover the entire door with a mattress. Alternatively, cut pieces of mattresses and use them to cover the air gaps over the door.

use mattress under door gap

If your door has a space between it and the floor, cover it. Cut a piece of mattress that can exactly fit this area over your door. The mattress will act as a door sweep and eliminate most of the noises passing through it. At the same time, your door will be able to open and close properly.

Also, check any other air gaps over the door. Measure them. Cut pieces of mattresses and use them over the air gaps. Block any air gap on the door. After you are done, hang a curtain over the door to hide the mattresses.

Another option is to measure the entire door. Cut a mattress that can fit your door. Then use nails or glue to install it. After you are done, you can place wallpaper or curtain over the door to cover the ugly mattresses.

As simple as that, you will have dealt with most of the noises passing through your door.

Alternatively, buy soundproofing foams. This is especially if you want to carry out a professional soundproofing project.

Soundproofing foams absorb all noises passing through the door. Therefore, no much noise will be experienced from outside. Also, your internal acoustics will be improved.

Soundproofing acoustic foams reduce noises in a recording or music room. The same way, they can be used over any door in your home.

Check the following soundproofing foams from Amazon and eliminate the noises in your home.

Foamily 12 Pack- Acoustic Panels

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  • 12 Pack covers 12 square feet
  • Professional acoustic control
  • Great for spot treating sound on walls

Mybecca 12 Pack- Acoustic Panels

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  • 12 pack means
  • Professional acoustic control Acoustic
  • Sound deadening material

6. Cover the Door With Your Exercise MatsCover the Door With Your Exercise Mats

Exercise mats will give you a quick and easy soundproofing solution. If all over sudden noise is coming from outside, get the rug and place it over the door.

You can use the exercise mat temporary or permanently. Use seal tapes to drape the mat over the door.

Exercise mats are strong and soft. They don’t allow noise to pass through them. Due to their softness, they will reduce echoes bouncing over your door.

Exercise mats will be a better alternative for using acoustic soundproofing foams.

Final Words

Household items will give you both permanent and temporary solution to the noises passing through the door. The difference will be as a result of how you choose to use the items. But one thing is for sure. All of the household items discussed in this article will reduce significant amounts of noises passing through your door.

But if you would wish to carry out a professional soundproofing project over your door, read our article about soundproofing doorways.

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