How To Quiet ATV Exhaust Noise: 4 Easy Steps

Quiet ATV Exhaust Noise

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Nothing gives satisfaction than riding on your ATV through the forest or wherever you prefer to go when you are free. It gives you the best recreational experience as you have never experienced before.

But sometimes, the ATV exhaust pipe can turn out to be noise. It can destroy all fun at once.

However, you don’t have to worry. There are simple techniques that you can apply on your ATV and reduce exhaust pipe noises.

In this article, we will share with you simple tricks you can apply to reduce the noises you experience from your ATV.

Let’s Begin.

Steps To Quiet ATV Exhaust Noise

1.Fit Exhaust Pipe Silencers

Exhaust Pipe Silencers

Most of the noises on your ATV will be coming from the engine through the exhaust pipe. The best way to deal with this noise is to install Exhaust pipe silencers. ATV exhaust pipe silencers work the same with the other types of engine mufflers in automotive engines. The silencers reduce the noise produced during combustion.

ATV silencers are mainly into three categories. Every category determines the level of noise reduction applied to your generator.

Reactive silencers: They should be connected by a tube to the engine exhaust. The muffler has three internal chambers. Exhaust noise bounces between the chambers and reduces the noise produced by the generator. Reactive silencer should be used to reduce low to mid-level sound.

These silencers can be attached at the end of the exhaust pipe to muffle the noise coming from the engine through the chambers. As a result, you will experience less noise.

Absorptive Silencer: This is a silencer with E glass or fiberglass insulation in its internal construction. When connected to the generator exhaust, it dampens the vibration and sound produced by the engine. Absorptive silencers are perfect for reducing the high-frequency noise level ATV engines.

The fiberglass material absorbs the noise and turns it to heat energy. This is a silencer that can muffle much of the noises coming from heavy and powerful ATV generators.

Combination silencer: As the name suggests, it combines the technology of absorptive and reactive silencers. It’s fixed like all the other silencers. Combination silencer reduces all levels of sound frequency from the generator.

The silencer is perfect for middle power engines. It will work perfectly in reducing medium engine noises coming through the exhaust pipe. But if your ATV produces much noise, you might need to buy the Absorptive silencers.

Before, fixing any silencer on your ATV, consult your Mechanic. A professional will help you choosing and fixing the best silencer on your engine. They will also help you in selecting the best silencer that would reduce most of the noises from your ATV.

If you are ready to do away with noises from the ATV exhaust pipes, buy the following silencers on Amazon. Each of these mufflers will do a great job in reducing noises of all levels.

They also come with an easy to install manual in case you would like to install it on yourself.

Camco 44872

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  • 18 Inches long
  • Extension
  • Coupler for Gen-Turi Generator Exhaust System

Walker 17911

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  • Aluminized steel construction for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Tube-and-partition style interior design
  • Spot welded bushings provide stability and system support
  • Provides installers
  • Universal mufflers

2. Install a Spark Arrestor

Install a Spark Arrestor

The main role of spark arrestor is to prevent forest fires. But at the same time, it can double as a soundproofing material. When used over your ATV it exhaust pipe, the sound would have to go through the steel or baffles. As a result, it will break into waves through the muffler.

As the sound passes through the mesh steel it’s blocked, and it’s travel intensity, and speed is reduced. As result, most of the noises passing through the exhaust pipe reduces drastically.

Therefore, if your ATV doesn’t have a spark arrestor, buy and install one. It will prevent not only chances of fire but also reduce the noises you will experience when riding on it.

Go ahead and buy the following spark arrestor from Amazon. It will deliver excellent results.

HMF 6956006 Spark Arrester for Exhaust

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  • HMF Engineering
  • Spark Arrestor Screen
  • 4 ounces
  • Strong and durable
  • Stainless Steel wire mesh

3. Check and Fix Your Muffler

Check and Fix Your Muffler

Most ATV exhaust pipes come with an already installed muffler. Its primary purpose is to absorb excess noises coming from the engine. However, tear and wear happen to these mufflers. With time, they get damaged.

A damaged muffler won’t be able to reduce the noise from the engine as required. Therefore, when you start hearing some strange or excess noises from your ATV, inspect the exhaust pipe muffler.

Check whether it’s damaged or there is any problem with it. If there is any damage, sort it out. Repair if possible. Alternatively, remove the muffler and install a new one on your ATV.

4. Fix Any Exhaust Leaks

How to Quiet ATV Exhaust Noise

Any crack or leak on your exhaust pipe will cause noticeably louder noises. The everyday noises with exhaust leaks are shrill whistling sounds produced when you apply throttle. Due to change in pressure you might even get a backfire from your exhaust pipe.

Therefore, check all welds or joints on your exhaust pipe. Take time to identify cases of any leaks that could be found on your exhaust pipe.

Most leaks will be marked by black soot on the outside part of the exhaust pipe.

Once you identify any leak, seal it. Ensure that you don’t leave a crack on the pipe no matter how small it could be.

Parting Shot

The above tips should reduce most of the noises you will hear from your ATV. You can combine more than one trick and see how much noise will be reduced.

But if you would like to solve this problem once and for all, buy a quiet ATV. If you are not sure on the ATV to buy, check our recommendations on quiet ATV in the market. Click here to discover the best quietest ATV in 2019.

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