Hot Tub Noise Reduction: 2 Step to Quiet Hot Tub Noises Now

Hot Tub Noise Reduction: 2 Step to Quiet Hot Tub Noises Now

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Whenever you want to relax your hot tub will give you that comfort. However, this can be difficult if your hot tub is noisy. You will be running from daily noise only to come to listen to rattling pipes and humming pumps in the tub. No one will enjoy this experience.

However, this should not be the case. There are different techniques you can apply and reduce the Hot Tub noise.

A Hot Tub can produce a combination of noise from water and the pump. These two types of noises need to be treated differently. Noise from the pump should be handled from the pump. The other noise as a result of the water system in the Hot Pump needs to be handled from its source.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss tips to reduce noise from the hot tub system.

Understand the Type and Source of the Noise

1. Hot Tub Pump NoiseHot Tub Pump Noise

To reduce the noise from a hot tub pump it’s essential first to understand its role. The main role is to push water in the water pump to the filter system and jet it back to the tub.

The hot tub noise problem could be as a result of different things. Mainly it could be a sign that there is a problem with the pump or the entire system.

Therefore, when reducing the noise in the pump, it’s important first to understand the noise. Listen carefully to the pump and identify the source of the noise. Find out the reason why your pump might be making noise. Once you have details about the noise from your pump, therefore, you can go ahead and work on the noise.

If the noise in the pump is as a result of a problem, fix it. Fix the issue first. This will remove the noise. Don’t soundproof your pump with its problem. This will not be solving the issue.

To solve hot tub pump noise consider doing the following things.

  • Inspect your pump.
  • Identify the source of the noise in your pump.
  • Remove and clean any debris or leave from the pumping system.
  • Inspect the pumps impeller
  • Tighten all loose nuts and screws on your hot tub pump

However, if your hot tub pump still makes noisy after doing the above, consider buying a quieter hot tub pump. Check this quite pump on Amazon

2. Hot Tub Water System Noise

Hot Tub Water System Noise

Some other noise in your hot tub noises could be coming from the water systems. The water system noise could be heard in the splashing water or pipes themselves.

It’s, therefore, important to note where the water system noise is coming from. If it’s from the hot tub piping system, work on the piping. If the noise is from splashing water, set up your hot tub in a way that the water will not splash.

Consider the following techniques to reduce hot tub piping noise.

  • Use soundproofing materials to insulate the noisy pipes.
  • Spray foams specifically designed to deaden sound in jeep & cars on the noisy pipes.
  • If the noisy pipes are passing through a wall, thicken it.
  • Tighten loose pipe strapping to reduce the rattling noise.
  • Always maintain the right hot tub pump pressure.

The above techniques will reduce most of the noises experienced in the Hot Tub. If the noise from the pipes persists, consider changing the whole piping system. Install steel pipes instead of plastic pipes. Metallic pipes are quieter than plastic pipes.

Consider to read our another article about soundproofing your bathroom.

Final Words

If your hot tub system is noisy, solve the problem. You don’t have to live with the noise. Start by identifying the nature of noise produced by the tub system. The next thing will be to differentiate whether the noise is from the piping system or the pumping system. The final step will be to inspect the cause of the noise, solve or soundproof it. If soundproofing does not fix the noise, then you have the option of buying a quieter pump or replacing the piping system.

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