Empty Barrels Make the Most Noise: What does it mean & What to do

Empty Barrels

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You must have heard the common say – an empty barrel makes the most noise. It’s a common phrase mostly used to refer to people who talk too much and hence have less knowledge or information about whatever they are talking about.

As a phrase, this means that most opinionated people have the least knowledge.
But literally, empty barrels make a lot of noise. If you are a wine presser or have barrels around you, you understand this. If you knock or hit the barrel, it will make noise.

When you are transporting the barrels in your truck, they will draw attention to people whom you meet on the way.

But this shouldn’t be the case. There are simple techniques to apply and reduce the noises you will hear from empty barrels. Whether you are transporting or storing them in busy areas, the noises coming from the barrels will be reduced.

Why Do Empty Barrels Make Noises?

The reason is simple. A barrel is hollow. Inside the barrel, there is a free barrel that allows sound to reverberate with a booming sound. This is the reason why you will hear noises coming from the barrel when its hit.

The air inside the barrel reverberates loudly.

This is the same concept that is used to make musical drums. The create a hollow space inside the drum. As a drummer beats it, the air inside it reverberates, producing a loud musical booming sound.

What to Do to Deal with Noisy Barrels?

The following are simple things you can do if you are dealing with empty barrel noise.

  1. Store Empty Barrels Separately and Far from Distraction
Store Empty Barrels Separately and Far from Distraction

One thing you will appreciate is that the barrel doesn’t make any noise unless they are hit. So, the first and the best way to deal with empty barrels in your home or around you is to store them well. Place them at a place where nothing will hit or knock them.

If the barrels are well placed, you won’t deal with the problem of noises.

For people who have children, keep the barrels away from them. Children will enjoy the sound of an empty barrel. As a result, they will keep beating them like drums.

In simple, let the barrel stay in peace without any disturbance.

  1. Wrap the Barrels with Soundproofing Blankets

This is a perfect way to store or transport empty barrels. Wrap them with heavy soundproofing blankets. Soundproofing blankets are thick and dense enough to muffle the noises coming from the barrel when its hit.

Also, the blankets will give the empty barrels a soft feel. When you hit them, you won’t even hear any noise coming from the barrel.

Buy either of the following soundproofing blankets from Amazon and deal with noises from your barrels.

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  • Fill Up the Barrel

Instead of keeping empty barrels, fill them up. Any material that you can find to fill the volume and space inside the barrel will be perfect.

However, don’t fill the barrel with any material that could damage the barrel.

A barrel that is filled up reduces the volume in which sound reverberates inside the barrel.

empty barrels make the most noise

Parting Shot

A person who talks a lot without knowledge is encouraged to seek understanding. They should fill themselves with useful knowledge.

The same thing applies to a real barrel. If you fill the space inside it, the air doesn’t reverberate when the barrel is hit. As a result, it remains silent.

Alternatively, you can choose to keep the barrel on a separate and safe area or wrap it with a soundproofing blanket. But if you choose a soundproofing blanket, get one of the quality blankets from the market. But the blankets we have recommended here from Amazon.

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