Bathtub Drain Gurgles When Toilet Is Flushed? Let’s Fix Now

Bathtub Drain Gurgles

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It’s annoying that moment you flush your toilet and the bathtub gurgles. If you have a visitor seated in the house, the gurgle might embarrass you. But if this is happening with your bathtub, you don’t need to panic or feel embarrassed. This happens to almost everyone who has a toilet and a bathtub.

The good news is that you can fix this problem easily. It’s possible to do it yourself without the help of a plumber.

Therefore, we will discuss with you the ways that we have tried and have worked with our bathtub.

Why Does the Bathtub Drain Gurgle When Toilet is Flushed?

This is the first question you will ask yourself when you notice your bathtub drain making gurgling noise. The noise can be too annoying. When you use the toilet at night, you can wake up everyone in the house.

At first, no other issue is visible apart from the noise. The gurgling can cause a huge problem if not resolved in time. Therefore, once you hear Bathtub gurgling after the toilet is flushed, solve that problem.

The following are the main reasons why your bathtub may gurgle when the toilet is flushed.

Bathtub Drain Gurgles When Toilet is Flushed

Air In

Bathtub pipes have air vents that control the amount of air in the pipes. The vents sometimes get clogged. The valves are clogged by the dirt that enters into the piping system.

As the valves are clogged, the air is trapped in the pipes. It creates a pressure difference.

Therefore, air goes through piping traps created for opposite purposes. The purpose of the valves is to ensure that there is no air going through the water. However, when the vents are clogged, air get’s in the water.

This is the reason why you will hear a gurgling sound in the bathtub. The pressure difference in the pipes is the cause of the noise.

P-traps in the piping systems


Bathtubs have P-traps in the piping systems. The P-Trap is specifically made to keep the pipes with the right amount of water. The water blocks air from entering or exiting through pipe vents.

Therefore, if your bathtub has no P-trap, air will flow through it when the toilet is flushed. As air goes through your bathtub piping system, it creates a gurgling noise.

Also, when you drain the P-trap, you will experience the same problem. Air will pass freely through the piping system.

The main cause of bathtub gurgling is because air is coming in or out through the P-trap. The noise can be more when the pipes or vents are clogged.

Air Coming Out of the Drain

The air in the pipes is specifically designed to pass through the vents and not the drains. When the vents are clogged, air will force itself out through the drains. It, therefore, creates pressure In-front of any barrier closing it. As a result, it creates a pressure difference.

How to Solve the Gurgling Bathtub Drain Problem

The solutions for gurgling Bathtubs are simple. Even without experience, you can fix them on your own. The first thing you need to do is clear the venting system by unclogging pipes.

Below are our few tested ways you can quiet your gurgling drains now.

How to Solve the Gurgling Bathtub Drain Problem

1.  Use a Plunger to Pump Hair Through the Piping SystemUse a Plunger to Pump hair through the piping system

This is one of the oldest but yet effective technique. A plunger will get rid of the objects blocking the pipes. It will unclog the toilet and remove all stuck air in the pipes.

When using the plunger, ensure you close bathtub drain first. Close all the other drains in sinks and showers. Use a piece of tape to close the drains tightly so that the air can go out through the vents and not drains.

Buy any of the following Plunger on Amazon and start unclogging your pipes today:

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2. Buy Unclogging Chemical SolutionsUnclogging Chemical Solutions

If you are not a fan of using the plunger, you can use chemical solutions. Follow the instructions that come with the chemicals.

Most of the solutions you are only needed to pour out through the clogged pipes. It reacts with all dirt and clogging objects in the pipes. A good chemical solution will unclog the pipes and allow all air to exit normally through the vents.

We have tested the following chemical solutions on Amazon.

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3. Clear Venting System Regularly

Clearing the vent system should be a routine. It should be cleared even when there is no gurgling sound heard through the pipes. Prevention is better than solving the problem itself.

Clean vents will allow air to go through them. It won’t allow air to pass through the drains.

Remember to clear the main vent on your roof. It gets clogged easily as compared to the other vents. Remove all dust, leaves, and everything else brought by the birds into the vent.

Use a hosepipe or high-pressure water to clear the air vents.

4. Use Plumbing Snake if You can’t Clean Your Vents with a Hose PipeUse Plumbing Snake to unclog your vents

Using a plumbing snake is challenging as compared to the hose pipe. If you have never tried this strategy before, consult your plumber first. However, if you feel confident enough, buy one on Amazon and use it.

The reason why a hosepipe can’t unclog your vents could be because the clog is deeper into the pipe.

Therefore, insert the plumbing snake inside the vent slowly. Push it inside until you find the clog. Operate the plumbing snake back and forth. Continue doing this until you break the clog.

After you are confident, the clog is broken, run water through the pipe. Check whether the problem has been fixed. If not fixed, repeat the same steps until you are happy with the results of your clearing the vent.

Use either of the following plumbing snakes from Amazon:

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5. Increase the Diameter of your Pipes

We should always be careful with whatever we flush down the toilet. But even when we are, a bit of tissue paper can cause a problem too. They will clog pipes with a smaller diameter.

Therefore, change your piping system. Install larger diameter of pipes. It might seem expensive to fix another pipe. However, they will save you a lot of money in the future. Besides, you will have solved the problem once and for all.

6. Call A Plumber When You Cannot Fix the GurglingCall A Plumber When You Cannot Fix the Gurgling

Sometimes the gurgling problem could be an indication of a serious problem in your home. If the tips mentioned above can’t fix the problem, find a plumber. Get a qualified plumber who can fix the problem for you.

A skilled plumber will be able to inspect your piping and identify the source of the problem. He will also recommend the best thing to do.

Also, if you are not confident enough, don’t try to fix the problem. You might end up with a major problem.

7. Work on the Sewer System

Sometimes the blockage might not be coming directly from the house piping. The blocked sewer system will prevent air and force it to go through your drains.

As mentioned earlier, when you call a professional plumber, they will be able to identify the blockage. Plumbers also can unblock the sewage for you.

Don’t Try to Soundproof Bathtub Drain Gurgles

Soundproofing is an easy technique for dealing with noises. However, it doesn’t deal with the problem. There are ways which you can use to soundproof your bathtub and pipes. Some of these ways will eliminate the noise.

Soundproofing will make you forget that you have a problem in your piping system. You will be forced to solve the problem when it is too late. It will also cost you more to fix a bigger problem.

If your pipes are clogged and you soundproof them, with time your drains will allow a lousy smell in your house.

Therefore, avoid soundproofing at all cost. It might seem convenient, but it won’t help.

Don’t Try to Soundproof Bathtub Drain Gurgles

Apart from bathtub gurgles, you are likely to hear other noises from your bathroom. This includes noise from your toilet, toilet covers, toilet tanks, and flowing water.

If these noises are bothering you, soundproof them, they will continue coming from your bathroom. They don’t signify any problem with your bathroom.

To soundproof your bathroom read this article on soundproofing bathroom by 5 effective ways.

Final Words

Gurgling drains are a sign of a serious problem in your piping system. Whenever you hear any gurgling sound through your drains solve it immediately. Don’t wait until you hear the gurgling sound. Maintain your piping system regularly. Prevention is better than cure. Buy chemical solutions on Amazon and be pouring them on the piping system time over time. That should be able to clear any clog forming in your pipes.

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